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All the parts for the fuel system of your sports or competition car can be bought on In our "Fuel system" category, you will find a selection of spare parts allowing you to assemble a high performance fuel system that meets the needs of a racing car. From the fuel cap to the fuel pump, everything is there, and at the best price !

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Sale of automotive fuel system equipment

Our shop dedicated to car racing offers many quality items for the fuel system: throttle admission kit, racing carburettor parts, carburettor synchronizers, injectors, pumps, metal tank caps, pressure gauge. A wide range of mechanical parts for the fuel system, hoses, quick couplers, to buy at low prices and directly online on!

Every petrol or diesel vehicle has a fuel system. It allows the fuel to pass from the tank to the engine and guarantees the proper functioning of the car. Several elements make up this fuel system. Each of them has its own role to play and contributes to the vehicle's autonomy, such as the tank that stores the fuel or the filter that eliminates impurities.

Each element must be present and in good condition. The care of the fuel system is even more important with a racing car. It requires responsiveness, efficiency and excellent performance.

You can assemble the circuit and maintain its components yourself. The parts needed for its construction or replacement are available at Oreca Store. Here is a list of each of them with their function and usefulness.

The tank

It is the equipment that allows to receive and store the gasoline. It is essential for the vehicle's autonomy. The tank has a cap that guarantees its watertightness. Both pieces of equipment can show signs of wear over time. In this case, it will be necessary to replace them. Indeed, a defective tank can lead to misfiring.

The price of a new tank remains affordable. You can find models suitable for competition cars on our website. We offer approved tanks with capacities ranging from 20 to 400 litres.

The fuel system pipes

Every fuel vehicle has a fuel line that allows fuel to flow to the engine. However, its condition can deteriorate over time. Air, rain, gravel on the road and friction all contribute to this wear.

Once defective, the pipe that is supposed to carry the fuel must be replaced. Indeed, a pipe in poor condition increases the risk of fire. It is therefore important to check it regularly and to act as soon as any sign of damage is noticed.

It's not a complicated task. All you need to do is find a pipe that is the right size for your vehicle. Be careful, however, as a poor installation can lead to friction when you drive. To avoid this kind of incident, it is advisable to call a professional.

The feed pump

It facilitates the circulation of fuel. There are two types of pumps on the market: the piston pump and the diaphragm pump. The first is installed on the injection pump, while the second is located in the engine block.

The feed pump is used to transfer fuel to the injection pump. It is connected to a strainer, which is connected to the tank. The latter filters the fuel before it passes through the feed pump.

The injection pump

The injection pump pressurizes and meters the fuel. It is also responsible for distributing the fuel to the injectors. It is an essential part of the vehicle's operation. A distinction is made between in-line and rotary injection pumps.

On our website you will find all the necessary accessories for the fuel pump of your vehicle. Our catalogue includes parts for the major brands of competition cars, such as Subaru, BMW, Fiat or Citroën.

The carburetor

The carburettor is the element of the fuel system that feeds the engine with the air/petrol mixture. It is often absent from modern engines, replaced by fuel injection. Nevertheless, if your vehicle still runs on carburettor, you can find the carburettor parts you need at Oreca Store.

The decanter

The decanter prevents the infiltration of sand or water into the engine, which can lead to its malfunction. It is installed between the tank and the fuel filter. It helps to improve the quality of combustion. A regular check is necessary. Indeed, over the course of use, the decanter can store water that has been retained by the filter.

The filters

Whether petrol or diesel, your car will be equipped with 4 different filters. These are the air filter, the water filter, the fuel filter and the cabin filter. These are useful to protect the engine from impurities, residues or abrasive particles.

It is important that these filters are in good condition and working properly to protect the engine. They must be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is easy to recognise when they are defective. You will feel difficulties to accelerate. Sometimes the engine will not even start.

The pressure regulator

This element regulates the rate of fuel flow to the engine. It allows to keep an optimal pressure at all times. It is also called a pressure reducer.

It is important to have a regulator that fits the engine. If you are reviewing the engine's performance for a competition, it will be useful to replace the pressure regulator. You can find them at Oreca Store. We have a wide range of pressure regulators for different makes of racing cars.


Injectors are useful for transferring fuel to the combustion chamber. However, they degrade over time and should be replaced.

The vehicle will send you various warning signals to indicate the wear of your injectors. You may see gasoline fumes. Your car may have trouble starting or accelerating. A faulty injector also leads to over-consumption of gasoline.

Oreca Store offers you all the spare parts you need for your vehicle's high-performance fuel system. We guarantee you quality parts at the best price.