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The circuit breaker is an essential safety element that you must install on your racing vehicle in order to be able to take part in car competitions. Its role is to open the electrical circuit when the current reaches a critical level. It protects the occupants of the vehicle against fire, destruction of insulation and connectors, in short, against all the dangers associated with overcurrent. In our online shop you will find different mechanical and electrical models with two or six poles.

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Sale of battery isolators

Find all the circuit breakers on, the online motorsport specialist. Circuit breakers adapted to competition use thanks to FIA homologations and to the compatibility between these circuit breakers and the competition batteries that you probably have on your vehicle.

How does a circuit breaker work?

The circuit breaker is an essential element for the safety of the driver and co-driver. In the event of an accident or before any work is carried out on the car, the circuit breakers automatically or on command interrupt the flow of electrical current throughout the car.

For example, a push-button switch can be installed on the bodywork to quickly cut the car's circuit from the outside. Circuit breakers also allow the ignition to be cut off and the alternator to be earthed in the event of an emergency cut-off.

The mechanical circuit breaker

The circuit breakers are compulsory in motor sport and are available in different versions. Firstly, there are the mechanical circuit breakers which have several poles, from two to six, for more or less insurance. These circuit breakers can be associated with a key mechanism inside the vehicle or with a pull tab outside the vehicle, for example, to be easily activated, particularly in the event of an accident.

The electronic circuit breaker

More reliable and easier to install than a mechanical circuit breaker, the electronic circuit breaker also offers the advantage of cutting off the flow of electrical current in the car more quickly and efficiently. Supplied with adapted wiring and buttons, the electronic circuit breakers sold on ORECA Store offer you everything you need for a quick and functional installation.

Circuit breaker approval

Please note that only certain circuit breakers are approved by the FIA for competitive racing. Overall, the six pole circuit breakers are the most suitable for motorsport. Browse the product sheets of our mechanical and electronic circuit breakers to find out if they are FIA approved or not.