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For inflating, checking and adjusting the pressure of your tyres, we have selected a wide range of pressure gauges for you. It's up to you to choose your gauge, needle or digital, to control the pressure of your vehicle. Precise and reliable equipment for optimal control of your racing tyres. Pressure gauges with LCD screen or large dial, some of them are backlit or phosphorescent for an easier reading of the bar number in low light, especially when you travel in car competitions and when the assistance is done in places without much light.

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Sale of tyre pressure gauges

Find all our tyre pressure gauges, our pressure gauges for checking the pressure so that you can quickly adjust the pressure of your racing tyres yourself. Professional pressure gauges with digital display, ultra reliable and extremely accurate. You will also find all the tools for pressure gauges such as pressure adjusters. Pressure gauges are available from stock or on order. Fast and accurate delivery. Make your choice among our tyre pressure controllers for car racing.

Checking tyre pressure

It is necessary to check the pressure of your tyres every month to avoid possible punctures. Remember to adjust the pressure of your tyres when carrying a heavy load. Also remember to adjust the pressure of your spare tyre.

A tyre with too much or too little air will increase your fuel consumption and could cause a puncture.

Taking part in a car race requires a lot of preparation on various levels. In addition to the physical condition of the driver, the condition of the car obviously has a strong impact on performance. This is why mechanics and garages play a crucial role in the chain of organisation of a car race. If you are one of these professionals, you will know that tyres have a real impact on braking, traction, steering and overall vehicle performance. And one of the things you need to check on tyres before a race is the pressure. To help you get the best possible tyre pressure, ORECA STORE has a range of high quality tyre pressure gauges and pressure controllers available.

Buy your inflator at ORECA STORE

Whether it's rally tyres, circuit tyres, karting tyres, historic vehicle tyres or drift tyres, it is essential to check the condition of the tyres before a race. As a sports car mechanic or garage owner, one of your duties is to ensure that the tyre pressure is optimal. At ORECA STORE, an online shop specialising in the sale of motorsport equipment and accessories, you will find tyre inspection tools.

We offer a range of pressure gauges that allow you to inflate and deflate tyres according to competition and weather conditions. You can choose a classic professional needle pressure gauge with all the features to ensure optimal pressure control and inflation. For more precise data, you can choose a pressure gauge with a digital display. This tyre pressure gauge has an LCD or large display and clearly shows you the tyre information.

To increase your driver's chances of finishing the race at the front of the pack, you need to prevent tyre-related risks such as deflation, braking difficulties, etc. ORECA STORE's tyre pressure gauges allow you to do just that. In addition to tyre pressure gauges and controllers, we also sell all the other accessories needed for inflation and deflation.

Check the tyre pressure of a sports car with a suitable pressure gauge

It is true that all tyre inflators are capable of conveying air under pressure to the tyres. However, as car racing tyres are different from ordinary road tyres, it is important to choose a pressure gauge that is suitable for them. Redspec pressure gauges, Intercomp pressure gauges and Sparco pressure gauges differ from each other in the way they are read (needle or digital display) and in their setting. In terms of setting, conventional and simple pressure gauges are set from 0 to 4 bar, while the more advanced and professional models are set from 0 to 12 bar.

The first type of pressure gauge is suitable for ordinary car tyres and for occasional use. It is an entry-level tool that does not usually have a quick coupling. If you are a mechanic or garage owner, you know that for racing, the professional 0 to 12 bar pressure gauges available at ORECA STORE are ideal. So, from a compressed air source, you can provide the necessary air pressure to the tyres of the kart, historic vehicle or any other racing car.

In addition, regardless of the race, good practice in terms of tyre pressure control should be adopted. Garages and mechanics therefore ensure that tyres are checked when cold and that the manufacturer's recommendations are followed. With the quality accessories we offer, our team provides you with the necessary support for the proper maintenance of your sports car tyres.

Equipment to adjust tyre pressure before any competition

The choice of a quality tyre pressure regulator is more than useful during a car competition. Before the race, one of the last adjustments to be made is the tyre pressure. It is therefore necessary to get a Eurodainu or Mast'Air tyre pressure regulator, to adjust the pressure to suit the standards of motor racing. The pressure must be regulated in 0.15 bar increments to ensure accuracy. Also, to avoid irregular wear of sports car tyres, they should not be under-inflated. If they are, a small circle will usually appear on the shoulder block. Here are some typical pressure indications.

Vehicle characteristics



Front-wheel drive


2.4 to 3.15 bar


2.1 to 2.8 bar


Front Engine & Rear Wheel Drive


2.4 to 3.15 bar


2.1 to 2.8 bar


Rear Engine & Rear Wheel Drive


2.4 to 3.15 bar


2.4 to 2.8 bar


When adjusting tyre pressure, the weather conditions must also be taken into account. When driving in the rain, for example, aquaplaning can be avoided by adding between 0.4 and 0.7 bar to the normal pressure on dry roads. Aquaplaning creates a layer of water between the tyre and the road and can cause loss of traction. With the help of a pressure washer, available in our online shop for motor sport accessories, you can then slightly over-inflate the tyre to round off the sidewall and allow it to keep its tread open to better evacuate water from the track.