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All the clutch discs adapted to the intensive practice of motorsport can be found on ORECA Store. AP Racing, Helix, Sachs, Redspec, the biggest brands of mechanical equipment for motorsport offer you clutch discs to fit your sports cars but also your historic vehicles. We propose you in particular the sintered damped clutch discs REDSPEC group N.

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Clutch discs for sale

Buy at low price your AP Racing and Sachs clutch disc for motorsport. High performance clutch discs to optimize your driving during your rally or circuit races., the online shop specialised in the sale of high performance parts for motorsport offers you a selection of Redspec, Helix, Sachs clutch discs for Group N vehicles.

What is the purpose of a clutch disc?

At ORECA STORE, you can find a wide selection of clutch discs, particularly suitable for motor racing. After all, circuit and rally drivers do not usually have the same needs as private individuals in their daily lives. Their cars are subject to much greater stress and must perform well under all circumstances.

But to fully understand the role of this essential part, you need to know how the clutch works. The purpose of this system is to ensure the link between the power produced by the engine and the movement of the wheels. Its function is therefore crucial in the acceleration and braking of the vehicle. It is also what allows the driver to shift gears, thanks to the dedicated pedal (in the case of a manual gearbox).

It is made up of various components, each of which does a part of the job. For example, when you disengage the clutch, the clutch release bearing will allow the clutch disc to come off the flywheel. This makes it possible for the driver to change gear, an action that influences the rotation of the disc, which will then return to its initial position, driving the wheels in its movement.

When to change the clutch disc?

While this component plays an important role, it is unfortunately subject to wear. It is generally estimated that it will last between 100,000 and 150,000 km. But in reality, this value is closely linked to your driving. Because, as mentioned earlier, the condition of the clutch disc depends on how often you disengage it. Therefore, if you tend to handle your gearbox often, the disc will be more likely to wear out quickly. In other words, miles in traffic weigh more than miles on the motorway.

And this also applies to motor sport. Shifting gears at high speeds places greater demands on the clutch system, especially the disc. So it's best to pay attention to the choice of the disc, or you'll have to replace it very quickly.

In general, there are several signs that should alert you to a worn clutch disc. For example, if you have difficulty shifting gears, if the pedal feels unusually hard, or if the clutch slips or jerks, it's probably time to replace it.

How to choose a clutch disc?

The selection of the right model depends of course on the model of your car, as well as on its use. This is why ORECA STORE allows you to filter the results by "universe" on the one hand (historic vehicles, circuit, competition, 4x4), and by car manufacturer on the other hand. The list includes Peugeot, Volkswagen, Porsche, Ford...

In addition, several types of discs are available from leading brands. Helix products are generally well suited to historic vehicles, thanks to their robustness and reliability. Sachs Performance discs allow for faster and sportier gear changes, while offering a remarkable lifespan. AP Racing products are designed for racing.

Can I do the assembly myself?

Once you have chosen your model, you may be tempted to fit it yourself. If you feel up to this, please follow our two-step tutorial: clutch disassembly and assembly.

However, it should be borne in mind that this is not a trivial operation. It may also involve changing other parts, such as the release bearing or the clutch mechanism. But above all, changing a disc requires a complete set of tools, knowledge of car mechanics and know-how in the field. It is therefore recommended that you call in a professional mechanic.

In any case, remember that such an installation must be accompanied by a break-in period. For the first 500 kilometres (approximately), it is therefore advisable to drive smoothly.