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Come and discover our catalogue for PEUGEOT vehicles: group N line, engine parts, ground connections, braking, or interior... Find all the spare parts you need to improve the performance of your PEUGEOT vehicle. A large choice of parts and accessories for motorsport on sale at low prices available on Oreca-Store for PEUGEOT.

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Sale of Peugeot spare parts

Discover all our engine parts and brake pads designed to boost the performance of your Peugeot! A wide selection of spare parts on sale at great prices in our spare parts store for Peugeot 106, 205, 206, 306, etc .... Oreca-Store, the online specialist for mechanical parts for your competition vehicle, Peugeot spare parts, brake discs, roll cage , driver's suits, banjo bolts, wheel lugs. Are you looking to order Peugeot spare parts online? Our spare parts store for Peugeot cars is the safest place to buy your parts. Get unbeatable prices on Peugeot spare parts on Oreca-Store, with spare parts and tools for the repair of different Peugeot models. Change or replace engine parts, clutch mechanisms or brake hoses on your Peugeot. A wide selection of Peugeot spare parts on sale at unbeatable prices in our spare parts webstore. You can also contact our spare parts sales advisors for all the information you need to improve or repair your Peugeot.

Auto parts replacement is very common on race cars, due to the enormous stresses they undergo while driving. However, changing an auto part is not a random process. You need to ensure that the items used are of good quality. They should also be compatible with the brand of your car. If you need replacement accessories for your Peugeot sports car, Oreca Store is the right address. You will find all the spare parts you need in our collections.

Accessories for successful maintenance of your Peugeot car

All sports cars, including those of the Peugeot brand, need rigorous maintenance. In addition to servicing your car to ensure it runs smoothly, you should regularly check the tyre system, the engine, the brakes, etc. Drifting, acceleration and deceleration are complex manoeuvres that have a serious impact on the condition of your sports car's tyres.

The brakes are also under a lot of stress during these manoeuvres. Also, with the very high speed you drive a car at during a race, you are also asking a lot from the engine. So all of these things need to be taken care of. The maintenance of your car cannot be complete if you do not also check the transmission and the fluid levels (engine oil, brake oil, cooling oil...).

You will therefore have to change parts very often during maintenance or repair operations. For the purchase of all your Peugeot Sport spare parts, our shop is your preferred partner. We only sell spare parts approved by this giant of the car industry. Our catalogue offers various items for most of the Peugeot sport models. Here are some examples of spare parts available in our catalogue:

  • Brake discs or pads ;
  • Silicone cooling hose kits;
  • Rims for tires ;
  • Pro-kit short springs;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • The anti-tampering bars ;
  • Steel decatalysts ;
  • Half-moon mirrors;
  • Stainless steel silencers...

You will also find piston kits, spark plugs, banjo bolts, wheel studs, replacement filters and many other products that will enhance the performance of your vehicle. All these branded accessories that will allow you to properly maintain your sports car are available at Oreca Store.

All the parts to increase the performance of your Peugeot

Do you want your Peugeot car to have more power with a few extra horses? If so, you can achieve this without investing huge amounts of money. All you need to do is make small changes to some of your car's sensitive parts. You can change the turbocharger and the air filter or add an air intake box and kit...

Weight is also an element that impacts the performance of a car. So think about lightening the weight of your car to reduce the mass that the engine must propel as much as possible. Two other ideas that are also effective are improving the exhaust system and reprogramming your car's computer.

If you want to equip your sports car with quality parts that comply with standards, including those of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), contact our shop. The spare parts are offered at attractive prices. In addition to our air filters and steel decalcifiers for Peugeot, you can also buy your :

  • Air boxes ;
  • Exhaust lines (Group N, Group A...) ;
  • Air filters ;
  • Pressure regulators ;
  • Cooling accessories...

There are a multitude of parts supplied that will help to increase the performance of your Peugeot. If you are unsure, our experts are at your disposal to advise you and give you the practical information you need when purchasing equipment for your sports car.

Parts to prepare your Peugeot for competition

If you plan to take part in a race with your vehicle, you must obviously prepare it for the occasion. Depending on whether it's a rally, an autocross or a circuit, the work to be done will not be the same. So go to the Oreca Store where you will find a whole range of products and parts dedicated to the various car competitions.

Essential on a racing car, the roll bars are available in different variations in our shelves. The same applies to brake system parts, shock absorbers, brake and clutch kits. In addition, we also have various seat attachments available. So you will have no difficulty in finding the model that best suits your Peugeot.

A wide range of parts for several Peugeot sports models

Peugeot cars are available in many models. Their shapes, design and technical characteristics are unique. Thus, even if several models use the same spare parts, some vehicles, especially the most recent ones, are composed of unique parts.

In addition, advances in regulations (e.g. anti-pollution standards) force manufacturers to offer new spare parts. Therefore, it is essential that you turn to the best supplier to get exactly the right spare part.

Oreca Store only sells original Peugeot parts. These parts are available for several Peugeot sports models, including the following:

  • Peugeot 106 ;
  • Peugeot 205 ;
  • Peugeot 306 ;
  • Peugeot 309 ;
  • Peugeot 405...

Whether you need to repair, maintain or enhance the performance of your vehicle for improved feel and time, you'll find the perfect part in our extensive catalogue of the latest parts.

At Oreca Store, the spare parts on offer are original products. They are available for more than 12 models of Peugeot sports cars or cars intended for racing. Our sales staff are also at your disposal to inform and advise you on all matters concerning the repair and improvement of your Peugeot sports car. Thus, you will be able to find the car equipment that really corresponds to your needs. So don't hesitate to make your first purchase now.