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Shock absorbers stop are an essential part of your car's operation and make your suspension system more reliable and comfortable. Discover on our shop all the shock absorbers, all designed by reference brands with the concern of quality and performance.

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Sale of shock absorber stop

Large choice of rubber bumpers for your shock absorbers available for different car models. To buy on Oreca-Store, specialist in spare parts for sports cars! Have your original shock absorber changed for a new one adapted to your sports car! The shock absorber allows you to dampen the vibrations emitted by the rear axle of your vehicle. Order now your part for a high performance suspension of your sports car with SKF! Shock absorbers ensure the correct steering of your vehicle. They allow a good connection between the top of the shock absorber and the chassis. They should be replaced every 75,000 to 150,000 km depending on your driving style!

What is the purpose of a shock absorber stop?

Shock absorbers are an essential part of the suspension system. When driving, they allow the suspension to function optimally to provide maximum comfort for the driver. Shock absorbers or suspension bumpers are made of metal and rubber for a perfect compromise between strength and comfort. They are positioned between the top of the shock absorber and the chassis, thus absorbing shocks, reducing vibrations and friction.

When to change your shock absorber stop?

Due to their positioning and function, shock absorber bearings are highly stressed parts. Although quality shock absorbers such as SKF or Bilstein shock absorbers are reliable and durable, they have a limited service life. In the case of a car used in motorsport and especially in rallying, remember to change your shock absorbers every time you change your suspensions. However, there are signs that the shock absorbers are deteriorating even before the suspension wears out completely. A hard and difficult to steer steering system, noises or play in the front end can mean that you need to change your shock absorbers without delay.

Why is it important to replace your shock absorbers stop?

The importance of shock absorber bumpers can be seen on several levels. In terms of performance, faulty suspension bumpers will make the ride and especially the steering less fluid and precise. The driver's control of the car will be more difficult and will require more effort. In terms of comfort, the shock absorbers will also make driving more complicated. The large amount of shock will be felt more when the shock absorber is worn out and the smoothness of driving will be affected. It is therefore essential to have shock absorbers in good condition to maintain the performance and comfort of your vehicle.