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Very large selection of tulip wheels for motorsport. As a driver you will be spoilt for choice, from classic rally models at unbeatable prices to single-seater steering wheels and vintage steering wheels for your historic vehicles. We also sell all the matching hubs for your car model. You are sure to find the sports steering wheel you need to improve your driving.

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  1. Leather
  2. Suede
  3. Carbon
  4. Wood
  5. Polyurethane
  6. Daim
  7. Cuir suede
  1. Round
  2. Roundish
  3. Elongate
  4. With flat
  1. Weld
  2. Screw
Fixing holes  
  1. 3 holes
  2. 9 holes
  3. 6 holes
Covering color  
  1. Black
  2. Brown
Spokes color  
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Aluminium
  4. Silver
  5. Titanium
  6. Carbon
  1. 40 mm
  2. 250 mm
  3. 260 mm
  4. 270 mm
  5. 280 mm
  6. 290 mm
  7. 300 mm
  8. 310 mm
  9. 320 mm
  10. 330 mm
  11. 340 mm
  12. 350 mm
  13. 380 mm

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Sale of tulip wheels

Our online shop offers you to buy a racing wheel designed for car racing with different leading brands. 2 or 3 spoke tulip wheels, used on rally stages from Sparco or Turn One, OMP wheels, single seater, rally, circuit, karting and historic vehicle wheels. As well as many steering wheel hubs for Fiat, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Peugeot, BMW, Citroën, etc.
The first physical contact that drivers have with their car is gripping the steering wheel in their hands, this allows them to understand the pedal distance and to adjust the seat. Your steering wheel should fit you like a glove, so its tulip and diameter will play a big part in your choice.

The steering wheel is an essential component in a rally car, Formula 1 car or 4x4 vehicle, as it is through it that you control the direction of the vehicle. You should choose it according to your driving needs and the characteristics of your car. At Oreca Store you will find all types of steering wheels and the best brands for motorsport.

All types of high-end steering wheels are available

The needs of drivers vary according to the world of motor racing to which they belong. There are therefore :

  • Rally wheels ;
  • Single-seater or Formula 1 steering wheels;
  • Steering wheels for historic vehicles ;
  • The steering wheels of 4x4 vehicles...

Shape, number of branches, depth of bending and materials used are some of the factors to consider when making a choice.

The characteristic shape of the single-seater steering wheel is the oval with a flat lower part. Drivers don't need to turn it completely and the models we offer allow you to optimise the use of space. Whatever type of car you have, you will find the right steering wheel in our catalogue to give you the best possible control of your car and to achieve the best times during races on circuits or during a rally.

Whatever type of steering wheel you are interested in, you will find the right model in the Oreca Store. With the right steering wheel, you'll make a difference on the track. And if you're an avid collector, our exclusive range of historic car steering wheels is just for you.

The best design materials for your steering wheel

The choice of steering wheel does not only depend on the type of motorsport you practice. It is also important that it has a good grip. It must also be aesthetically pleasing and resistant to the stresses it will undergo on a daily basis. To achieve this, it is important to choose materials that promote the comfort of use and the durability of your equipment. Among the materials used for the manufacture or coating of steering wheels, there are :

  • Wood ;
  • Carbon ;
  • Leather ;
  • Polyurethane...

Wood is a very durable material. Wooden steering wheels are mainly found in historic vehicles. They give a certain vintage charm and originality to the car. Leather steering wheels are very decorative and are available in a variety of colours. Durable and easy to maintain, it is also soft to the touch and protects the hands from cold or heat.

Carbon is a very light and luxurious material, especially used for accessories that will be subjected to a lot of stress. A carbon steering wheel will add to the aesthetics of your race car interior. With a very comfortable grip, it is also super strong.

If you need to use your racing car frequently, you can equip it with a steering wheel with a split skin covering. This material is perfectly suited for sustained use and provides excellent driving comfort.

Are you looking for a racing wheel made of a particular material? The different designs, colours and shapes of our steering wheels made of leather, wood, carbon, suede, polyurethane and skin will please you. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice to make a choice that really suits you.

All major brands of classic and racing wheels

When we talk about steering wheels for sports, we can't help but think of the brands that are the references in the field. Having a branded steering wheel is a guarantee of the quality of the accessory. It is also a way of showing your preference for a particular brand or team. At Oreca Store, you have access to all the major brands of racing wheels. In our catalogue, find the most suitable steering wheel for your Peugeot, Fiat, Citroën, Audi, BMW, Honda or Toyota car from our various collections of :

  • Momo Steering Wheels
  • OMP and OMP Sport steering wheels
  • Sparco Steering Wheels
  • Turn One Steering Wheels
  • R.S. Performance wheels
  • Lita Motorcycle Steering Wheels
  • Lifeline steering wheels

We have the right wheel for you to perform well in competitions and on the racetrack.

The choice of a sports steering wheel is not made at random. If you want to have access to a unique and original collection of racing wheels, Oreca Store is the right place to go.