Auto mechanics' tools

Every mechanic should be equipped with the best tools around when preparing or repairing a racing car. This ranges from the equipment the mechanic requires to work safely, with all our Mechanix gloves, overalls and shoes, to specific mechanics' tools, sockets and electric wrench, vehicle jack, quick jack, and including fuel filling accessories and jerry cans. In our online store, you will find all the precision mechanics tools you need to service your competition vehicle.

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  1. Aimant
  2. Ventouse
  1. 2 pouces
  2. 1,5 pouce
  3. 660 mm
  4. 550 mm
  5. 0.45 mm
  6. 0.62 mm
  7. 0.8 mm
  8. 1.01 mm
  9. 12.5 mm
  10. 15 mm
  11. 15.8 mm
  12. 18 mm
  13. 19 mm
  14. 25 mm
  15. 45 mm
  16. 50 mm
  17. 52 mm
  18. 63 mm
  19. 80 mm
  20. 100 mm
  21. 195 mm
  22. 1/2 inches
  1. Rouleau de 100
  2. Rouleau de 1000
  3. 1 m
  4. 3 m
  5. 5 m
  6. 6 m
  7. 10 m
  8. 20 m
  9. 60 cm
  10. 60 mm
  11. 64,5 cm
  12. 80 mm
  13. 80 cm
  14. 100 cm
  15. 120 cm
  16. 130 mm
  17. 180 mm
  18. 200 mm
  19. 270 mm
  20. 325 mm
  21. 415 mm
  22. 533 mm
  23. 559 mm
  24. 630 mm
  25. 762 mm
  26. 787 mm
  27. 790 mm
  28. 1190 mm
  29. 1300 mm
  30. 1500 mm
  31. 1600 mm
  32. 1800 mm
  1. 186 mm x 4.8 mm
  2. 140 mm x 3.6 mm
  3. 92 mm x 2.3 mm
  4. 361 mm x 4.8 mm
  5. 190 mm x 4.8 mm
  6. 100 mm x 2.5 mm
  7. 370 mm x 4.8 mm
  1. 610 mm
  2. 457 mm
  3. 178 mm
  4. 152 mm
  5. 5 cm
  6. 12 cm
  7. 15 cm
  8. 90 mm
  9. 130 mm
  1. 5x112
  2. 4x108
  3. 5x108 / 5x114.3 / 5x120
  4. 5x114.3 / 5x120 / 5x130
  5. à percer
  6. 5x100 / 5x108 / 5x114.3
  7. 4x100 / 4x108 / 4x114.3
  8. 5x110 / 5x114.3 / 5x130
  9. 5x108 / 5x110
  10. 991 CUP: 5x114.3 / 5x120 / 5x130 (20.5)
  11. 5x100 / 5x112 / 5x114.3
  12. 5x108 / 5x115 / 5x120

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Sale of tools for car mechanics

Oreca-Store sells essential equipment and tools for the race car preparation workshop, car jack, us and thermal tape, impact spanner, jerry can, torque spanner, among others. Everything for the rally stand, karting, car circuit, track days.

Are you a car enthusiast who wants to tinker with your car? But you need the right tools. Our Oreca Store online shop offers you a whole range of products for amateur and professional mechanics. Choose from over 30,000 items and 200 brands in our catalogue. Our products cover all motor racing disciplines, from F1 to rallying, including endurance and motorcycling!

A wide range of products for professionals

As a professional mechanic or a weekend mechanic, you know the importance of your automotive tools. Precision, rigour and performance are required when you work. Achieve your goals with Oreca products!

Take advantage of the large Oreca Store catalogue

We have a whole range of products classified by discipline at your disposal. Visit our sections dedicated to rally, circuit, karting or GP motorbike enthusiasts.

Check out the different categories to see which products are best for you. Our website has a very user-friendly interface that will allow you to find your way among the biggest brands such as Sparco, AP Racing or Alpinestars.

We update a selection of products every week according to your needs. All the spare parts you can buy for your vehicle are easily searchable and available at very competitive prices.

Browse our bodywork, brakes, engine, additives and workshop categories for all the tools you need to repair or customise your sports car.

A selection of products for professionals

If you are a mechanic, you will find all the parts available to improve your garage equipment and treat your cars and motorbikes properly. It is also possible to filter your search by a selection of criteria:

  • Categories
  • Brand
  • Awards
  • Diameter
  • Length

This allows you to easily find your equipment from a wide selection of quality products dedicated to motorsport enthusiasts. We offer you professional tools to take care of your repairs on all types of vehicles in the best possible working environment.

All promotions are indicated by a red banner for greater visibility. Whether you are looking for impact spanners, power levers or pliers of all kinds, you can easily find what you are looking for online thanks to our catalogue dedicated to car mechanics and garages.

Find a range of tools from leading brands to enable you to carry out car repairs in optimum conditions. This type of mechanics requires great precision, which is why Oreca Store gives you access to a wide range of quality equipment to optimise the performance of your car and carry out repairs in complete safety thanks to our protective covers.

Quality tools and accessories at the best price for mechanics

Whether you are a professional or amateur mechanic, you need quality tools for a good job! Oreca Store meets all your expectations and offers you personalised support in the event of problems thanks to its excellent customer service.

Monitoring and diagnostic tools

Before carrying out any operation on a vehicle, you will need to check that it is in good working order by carrying out a complete diagnosis. This includes the mechanics, the check of the parts, but also the whole electrical and electronic part. As most modern cars are automated and computer-controlled, the tools we offer allow you to perform all kinds of electrical tests.

Take advantage of a wide range of digital multimeters, probes and computerised controllers to measure the wear of your car's tyres. Also check the underside of your bonnet with our dedicated inspection lights and cameras to record images and detect anomalies. Pliers and spanners for all types of repairs will find a place of choice in your garage to complete your equipment.

To avoid being caught off guard during one of your interventions, take advantage of all our key sets at the best price:

  • Torque spanners for checking the torque of screws
  • Spanners for all your standard screws
  • Ratchet spanners for fixing or loosening nuts
  • Hexagonal spanners or Allen keys
  • Hook spanners for threaded combinations
  • Spark plug spanner for assembling and disassembling an internal combustion engine
  • Fitting spanner, to prevent damage to the fittings during disassembly

Equipment for safe working

You will also find all the equipment you need to protect yourself and ensure your safety during your manoeuvres. A wide selection of protective gloves, shoes and overalls from leading brands such as Sparco, Redspec, OMP, Bardahl and many others.

Comfort is just as important at work! Our mechanic's trousers and our mechanic's gloves, specific to your activity, will help you in all your movements. At Oreca Store, we know that working in good conditions is a pleasure and contributes to the vehicle's performance. All mechanics with a passion for cars will find what they need in our online catalogue.

You also have access to a range of workshop and maintenance supplies for your race car. A wide range of cleaners and lubricants are available. Take care of the exterior and interior of your vehicle with microfibres for leather or brushes for your rims and all types of textiles. Take care of your car interior as it should be!

Benefit from excellent customer service

You also have thirty days from your purchase to exchange your products if you are not satisfied.

Pay on our site securely and spread out the payments in three or four times without fees according to your wishes. By registering on the platform, you can place your orders more quickly and benefit from real-time order tracking. You can also access our address book and promotional offers in advance.

All our advisors are always ready to listen to mechanics in order to meet their expectations as best as possible. So, thanks to the Oreca Store online shop, you can benefit from a great deal of expertise in tools and products for professional car mechanics. The best brands at the best prices!