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Sale of dashboard pressure gauges

Make your own dashboard thanks to our numerous spare parts: cables, sensors, pressure gauge holders, mano turbo mano pressure, mano temperature....how to make a dashboard for a rally or circuit racing car, you will surely find the parts you need here! Available in stock or on order, fast and careful delivery throughout France.

Pressure gauges are an indispensable piece of equipment for cars. Both functional and decorative, they will provide better visibility on your dashboard while allowing you to easily and quickly keep yourself informed of the state of all the mechanical parts of your car.

Indeed, the use of pressure gauges is all the more important in motor sport because it is necessary to be able to quickly access various engine and vehicle data in the blink of an eye. Oil dipstick, water temperature, fuel level, battery power... these are all information that the rally driver needs to know during a race.

So what are the different types of pressure gauges and which pressure gauges should be installed on the dashboard of the vehicle in motor sport? Details.

The different categories of pressure gauges

The purpose of pressure gauges is to make it easier to read certain vehicle information while driving. These indicators keep the driver informed about oil, speed or fuel.

As a general rule, the manometer is in the form of a dial, with a pointer-shaped indicator and backlit for easy reading. They can also be designed using different technologies, which allows them to be classified into 3 main categories: the electric manometer, the mechanical manometer and the analogue manometer.

The electric manometer

The electric pressure gauge is an instrument with electric transmitters/probes to ensure the stability of hazardous fluids in the engine compartment. This type of manometer is often easy to install, as it is often connected by means of 3 wires and then fitted directly on the dashboard. The display can take the form of a backlit LED, making it easy to read the information both in daylight and in the dark.

Some electric pressure gauges can also be equipped with backlighting.

The mechanical manometer

The mechanical pressure gauge does not require any power supply to operate. To install it, it is necessary to use a probe to be connected to the body of the device with a capillary tube. There are also mechanical pressure gauges with a backlit display, but these require a power supply to turn on.

The analogue manometer

The pressure gauge, which operates with analogue technology, is equipped with a digital microprocessor and a high-precision needle movement motor, ensuring optimum readability and accuracy. One of the advantages of the analogue pressure gauge is that it is as easy to mount as electrical pressure gauges and as robust as mechanical pressure gauges.

It is also equipped with an LED backlit display.

The different types of pressure gauges to be installed on the car

There are a multitude of gauges that you can install on your dashboard according to your needs. To race, you need as many gauges as possible to keep an eye on the car's data. The category of gauge you choose will have to match the interior design of your car, bearing in mind that there are gauges for antique and vintage cars, as well as for current rally cars designed for competition.

The speedometer manometer

 The speedometer will probably be the most important thing on your dashboard. In fact, along with the odometer, it's a piece of equipment that you must install on your motor sport vehicle. It's mandatory to inform the driver of the speed at which he or she is driving, allowing the driver to be in control in all situations.

The speedometer should therefore indicate the speed in km/h, but you can also opt for the unit of measurement in "Miles" if you are more familiar with it.

It is also available in different shapes: round with needle, linear with needle and digital. So you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the style best suited to your vehicle.

Note that the digital meter is very aesthetically pleasing, but it is often criticised for a certain inertia in the variation. For motor racing, you will need to ensure that your speedometer is as accurate as possible.


The rev counter pressure gauge is as useful as the speedometer and must be installed on the dashboard of the rally vehicle.

In fact, this tool measures the engine speed at a defined instant T, thus informing the driver of the engine speed situation. This information will be very useful when changing gears and also ensures better exploitation of engine performance.

The rev counter should be installed behind the steering wheel on the dashboard so that you can read it easily while driving.

The turbo pressure gauge

As the name suggests, this gauge is used to measure the turbo pressure of your racing car. Simply put, the turbo is an element that boosts the performance of the vehicle. A simple car engine can run at 10,000 rpm while the turbo engine will run at twice that. No wonder this accessory has become the darling of motor sport fans!

Any vehicle that uses this technology, especially racing cars, must therefore have this gauge so that the driver can make the most of it.

The gas analyser

The gas analyser is a manometer that will be useful for checking the gas mixture in your vehicle. In fact, it indicates in real time the quality of the mixture between air and petrol in your engine. Some gas pressure gauges are even equipped with a programmable alarm that will warn you in case of a bad mixture.

The fuel gauge

The fuel gauge is also one of the gauges that should logically be on the dashboard of the vehicle, whether it is used for racing or not. This gauge indicates the level of fuel remaining in the tank.