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Sale of temperature gauge

Find a whole range of temperature sensors from VDO, Stack or Smith. Water, oil and gas pressure gauges to be installed on the dashboard of your car to know either the oil, exhaust gas or water temperature. What are you looking for? Water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge ?

Some explanations:

In motor racing, it is very important to have access to information about the operation of the vehicle. The data must be available in a way that allows the driver to make a quick visual check while driving. Just like checking engine temperatures. The pressure gauge is the instrument that measures the temperature of the water and oil in the engine and makes the information easily accessible to sports car drivers. What is the purpose of such a check and how does the pressure gauge work?

Visually check engine temperatures

During a race, the car's engine heats up quickly due to friction and combustion in the cylinders. The temperature of the engine increases as the vehicle is driven and can reach up to 90°/100°C. But when it exceeds 100°C, the engine overheats considerably. This can cause damage to parts of the vehicle or even engine failure. To function properly, the engine must be cooled frequently. The cooling system performs this function.

This system is made up of several components that help it accomplish its mission. The coolant is one of these components. It circulates inside the engine block and transports the heat generated by the combustion of the cylinders to the radiator to be evacuated to the outside. The engine is thus cooled and can continue to operate normally without the risk of overheating. However, when there is not enough liquid in the system, the circulation is less efficient. This fluid, normally at a low temperature, then becomes hotter, causing the engine to overheat and damage it.

The same applies to the engine lubricating oil, which is also involved in cooling the engine block. This oil, whose temperature can be checked with a car oil pressure gauge, can easily reach all parts of the engine. As it flows into the various compartments, it distributes the heat evenly to prevent the engine from heating up more than necessary. But when the amount of oil is too low, its temperature rises and engine parts are not lubricated properly. This increases friction between the parts and leads to heat generation.

When the heat from the friction between the parts and from the combustion by the oil is no longer efficiently removed, this situation can cause irreparable damage to the engine. To avoid these mechanical problems, it is important for the driver to keep an eye on the temperature of the lubricating oil and cooling water.

Using the pressure gauge to check engine temperatures

The pressure gauge is an instrument for measuring the pressure and temperature of fluids. It is widely used in automobile competitions to determine the temperature of the engine while driving. The device consists of a probe to be placed under the hood. More precisely, it is installed in the cooling system near the cylinder head, exactly where the temperature is higher.

Its strategic positioning allows it to take precise and very reliable measurements. The manometer probe is connected to an indicator (dial with graduations and a needle) placed on the dashboard. A sensor measures the temperature of the fluid and sends the information to a computer. A simple glance at the dashboard allows the driver to know the temperature of the lubricating oil and the coolant. If the engine overheats, a warning light comes on to alert the driver.

Pressure gauges for temperature measurement

As a specialist in the sale of motor sport accessories, Oreca Store offers you a wide range of pressure gauges for measuring the engine temperature of your sports car. Our temperature sensors with their varied design are high quality instruments. They are designed by renowned automotive equipment manufacturers such as Racetech, Stack and Smiths and are available in several models.

Efficient and reliable, they are easily installed on your dashboard and give it a sporty look. Once installed, the device allows you to visually monitor the temperature of the cooling water and lubricating oil in real time during the race. This way, you can anticipate engine overheating and the serious damage that can result from this phenomenon.

Regularly checking the temperature of the cooling water and lubricating oil with a pressure gauge enables the driver to ensure that the engine of his vehicle is running smoothly. This way, they are protected from problems such as overheating or engine failure. Oreca Store offers you different models of quality temperature sensors, available at the best price.