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All BMC / ITG Racing / RS Perf. / REDSPEC / SAMCO and Green Filter air filters are on ! These replacement sport air filters are made of cotton and are perfect for your everyday car but also for a competition car. A wide range of air intake filters for all types of cars. These filters can be installed in seconds in the air box, instead of the original paper filter. You'll get more air which will result in better combustion while ensuring ideal filtering. Our opinion on sport air filters: they have the advantage of being cleanable and reusable! Used by the greatest racing teams, they maximise your performance on the track.

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    Easily install your Air Filter with Green Filter!

    Green Filter air filters are very simple to install and are directly operational once in place.

    Why install a Green Filter air filter?

    The Green filter has one of the best performances on the market while respecting the filtration thresholds. The filtration/pressure drop ratio is the most balanced on the market due to the quality of the materials used and the experience of the brand.

    Sale of air filters for air intake

    Air intake, one of the mechanical aspects of your vehicle, is essential to improve your performance. Quality items, Green Filter air filter, ITG Racing or a twister! A Green twister is an air box with a conical filter with inverted turbine patented by the Green Filter brand. Quickly order your sports air filter for your racing car. These cotton replacement filters will last the lifetime of the vehicle. World-renowned engine filters for improved engine performance! The sports air filter is recommended for high-performance engines. A useful and economical purchase in the long term, so consider replacing your old filter with a sports air filter. Finally, you will achieve a significant fuel saving, between 2 and 3% at the same load. Green air filters are made of 2 layers of very finely woven natural cotton fibre, protected by 2 epoxy painted galvanised steel grids. These cotton replacement filters are suitable for your everyday car as well as for competition vehicles. Not sensitive to humidity, these replacement parts reduce the phenomenon of pressure loss. The reduction of this phenomenon brings flexibility to the engine, which improves driving comfort.

    When to change the air filter in your car?

    A conventional air filter has to be replaced every 20,000 km or so. In predominantly urban traffic conditions it will be necessary to change it more quickly.

    When should you change the sports air filter in your car? BMC, GREEN, KN...

    Green or BMC style sport air filters are effective for more miles. Often 80,000 kms with regular cleaning.

    How do I change my engine air filter?

    Nothing could be easier! They are installed in seconds in the original air box, instead of your original paper filter.

    Which brand of sport air filter should I choose?

    The air filter is effective when it filters out 100% of the impurities and dirt that foul the engine. The sport air filter is a more efficient version of the classic filter and can be installed on sports or ordinary vehicles. Another advantage of sports filters is that they are washable and therefore reusable. Which brand to choose depends on your budget and the sound you want. Indeed the sound depends on the filter. The filter also has an impact on fuel consumption, which decreases with a high performance sports air filter.

    How do I clean my sports air filter?

    To clean your sports air filter apply the filter cleaner to both sides of the filter and leave to soak for about 10 minutes.

    Then rinse your filter with water and let it dry naturally.

    Once the filter is completely dry, apply the air filter oil along the crown of each pleat. Leave the wick in the oil for 20 minutes and then touch up the clear areas on each side of the filter.

    Where to buy a high performance sport air filter?

    Oreca Store offers a wide range of high quality sport air filters at the best price.

    Ordering at Oreca Store means benefiting from the security and confidence of a Marketplace that has been present in motor racing for decades.