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Discover our wide range of light and resistant cooling scoops to maximize the air flow of your racing car. These Naca, Revotec and Setrab scoops are used for the engine, the brakes but also to bring fresh air into the vehicle's interior. For an optimal use, you can couple them with BOA ducts. Discover also our cooling scoops for 205 GTi !

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37 Items

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Sale of cooling scoops

Large selection of scoops in many sizes. Cooling scoop to significantly reduce the temperature of your brake system, oil cooler, air filter or the passenger compartment. The cooling scoop helps to increase endurance and efficiency. The cooling scoop maximizes the air flow in your engine, makes it more resistant and allows it to offer better performances in motor racing.

The performance of the car during a race depends on several elements, including cooling. Motor vehicles are subjected to very high temperatures during competitions, which can lead to overheating of the engine but also of other parts such as the brakes, the oil cooler, the air filter and even the passenger compartment.

In order to run in good conditions, it is therefore essential to cool these elements by using a cooling scoop. This part ensures the proper flow of air to the engine and other parts of the vehicle, which guarantees that it maintains constant power during the race, among other advantages.

In particular, it can be coupled with the cooling duct to maximise its efficiency in circulating the air in the car.

The interior

Driving comfort must be optimal during a race so that you can effectively control your vehicle. Some would say that safety and efficiency are more essential, which is perfectly the case in that the cockpit must be able to protect the driver to the maximum while remaining functional.

This doesn't mean that it's a good idea to completely ignore driving comfort, especially since a cooling scoop makes it possible to capture fresh air and return it to the cockpit.

The ventilation of the passenger compartment can be ensured by a scoop of air inlet in the passenger compartment coupled with a cooling Boa. You will find a wide selection of Boa ducts in our online store to suit all your needs. As for the assembly, you should know that at ORECA Store, we also offer mounting brackets, clamps, heat-shrink gaskets and complete air intake kits.


The braking system is put under a lot of strain at high speeds, and you have to make sure that it is continuously supplied with air to keep the temperature down. Brakes that heat up too much can fail after several laps and hard braking, which is not an option at all.

The brake scoop is used to guide fresh air through the network of ducts leading to the disc, brake pads, caliper and electronic sensors.

The cooling of the car's brakes is as essential as the aerodynamics, which is why it is necessary to find the right balance between these two elements of performance in motor racing.

The oil cooler

The oil cooler is also an essential part of the sports car, as the engine oil tends to heat up quickly under extreme stress in rallying or on the track. It is therefore important to use a quality oil that maintains its performance despite high temperatures and that will not damage the vehicle's engine.

The oil cooler is the second element that controls the heating of the oil. It is in this part that the engine oil circulates and that the heat exchange with the air takes place while the car is running. It therefore plays a crucial role in heating the oil during races.

To guarantee its performance, it must be correctly positioned so as to take in fresh air continuously. Therefore, you must take care to place the oil cooler in front of the water cooler or in front of a cooling scoop that will ensure the circulation of fresh air.

The function of the oil cooler scoop is to bring fresh air from under the chassis to the top of the gearbox. The air circulation ensures that the hot air does not stagnate and the oil does not heat up too much.

The air filter

The air filter is also a vital part of your car as it plays a role in the proper functioning of the engine. When the engine is running, it is fed with a mixture of air and fuel, and the quality of this mixture must be ensured. That's where the air filter comes in, because as the name implies, it filters the air that mixes with the fuel and prevents impurities and debris from entering the engine.

The sports car air filter ensures a high air flow, which makes the engine more responsive and reduces fuel consumption. The use of a scoop also allows the air filter to be cooled more effectively and thus ensures its efficiency, in addition to being an additional air supply.