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Sale of car parts for VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1

Find your VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1 spare parts to buy on Oreca-Store ! The specialist in the sale of car sport parts at low prices!

For many years, ORECA STORE has been selling spare parts for the most important sports car brands, including Volkswagen. Whether you are a professional or amateur driver, you will find in our catalogue everything you need to optimise or repair your Volkswagen Golf 1.

Powerful spark plugs for Volkswagen

Spark plugs are the central parts of a car's ignition system. They are located in each cylinder and serve to initiate the combustion of the air-fuel mixture, which enables the car to start. Their condition therefore directly influences the performance of the engine. Faulty (or poor quality) spark plugs usually cause loss of engine power and gaps in acceleration.

They can also lead to excessive fuel consumption and increased pollution. To prevent these types of problems from occurring, good quality spark plugs should be chosen. It is also important to replace them regularly when they fail.

In the ORECA STORE catalogue, you have access to a wide range of spark plugs to optimise the performance of your Volkswagen Golf 1. We sell high-performance models that incorporate the latest technology in terms of resistance and durability on the track. For example, the NGK Iridium IX spark plugs, which you will find among our products, have a fine Iridium tip that enables them to withstand extreme temperatures. And that's not all. They have a service life that is about 2.5 times longer than standard spark plugs on the market. It is also a less polluting technical solution.

Our range also includes spark plugs from CHAMPION, one of the world's leading brands for over 100 years. Its products offer maximum performance on all types of engines.

So don't hesitate to make your choice according to your technical objectives and your budget!

A wide range of clutch discs

The disc is a key part of the clutch system. It is the part that allows you to change gears and disengage the clutch at will. A clutch disc in good condition contributes to a better driving experience. It also gives you better control of the vehicle and allows you to tackle races with peace of mind. However, when the disc is damaged, it can make it difficult to change gears and operate the pedal. Driving then becomes very unpleasant, with jerks when starting.

If your clutch disc looks worn and you want to replace it for more confidence, you can trust ORECA STORE. We offer a wide range of high quality clutch plates. The models offered are very durable and guarantee a much faster gear change than that offered by standard models. In addition, they are suitable for all track configurations.

Would you rather change the original disc of your Volkswagen Golf 1 to gain performance on the racetrack? Our SACHS and REDSPEC clutch discs will meet your expectations. They are high quality parts specially manufactured for intensive use during races. They are accessible to all budgets.

Branded brake discs at low prices

The brake discs of a sports car wear out over time. When this happens, the entire braking system fails. The vehicle's deceleration time increases considerably and the brake pedal has almost no resistance. To restore the mechanism, new discs must be installed. This replacement of parts is necessary for the safety of the driver and co-driver.

Your brake discs are warped and you want to change them? Are you thinking of replacing them as a precautionary measure, given the number of kilometres you drive? In our catalogue you will find several versions of brake discs for Volkswagen Golf 1 at low prices. These top-of-the-range parts have undergone a specific treatment that allows them to guarantee a frank and powerful braking. Robust and very resistant to friction, they can save you precious seconds in the race.

Think about brake pads

When changing the discs, it is strongly advised to also replace the brake pads. That's why ORECA Store also offers a wide range of brake pads that have proven their worth in rally and circuit racing. They are very efficient, with friction coefficients that vary between 0.4 and 0.5 depending on the brand and model.

A wide range of spare parts for your Volkswagen Gold 1

In addition to these parts, we also have brake hoses, track wideners, bumpers, front and rear shock absorbers, hubs and a wide range of components for the repair and optimisation of a Volkswagen Golf 1.

Feel free to browse our catalogue to discover all the items we offer. Many surprises await you!

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