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All the electrical wiring for motorsport can be found on the online shop! Optimize your electrical circuit with high quality wiring accessories and sheaths adapted to motorsport. You will find in particular complete harnesses for headlights, jumper cables, insulating tape, braided or heat-shrinkable sheathing, but also a sheathing kit or battery terminals.

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Sale of car electrical wiring

On sale on the online shop specialised in the sale of equipment for motor sport cars, all the electrical wiring necessary for the construction of your electrical circuit. Opting for specialised equipment is essential in motorsport! This will allow you to avoid the risk of overheating, especially when used in extreme conditions. Find all your automotive electrical supplies and wiring available in stock or on order in our online catalogue: electrical sheathing, electrical cable, electrical wire, harness, fuses, circuit breakers and electrical parts for sale.

The electrical system of a vehicle includes all the wiring and electrical devices found in it. These play a major role in the operation and performance of a racing car. To help you, Oreca Store provides you with all the items you need to ensure that the electrical wiring of your sports car or 4x4 is fully functional.
Quality cables and accessories for the automotive world

There are many electrical parts and devices that are integrated into a car. Good quality cables are needed to ensure that they are all properly powered. Oreca Store offers cables for various uses. You can buy battery cables with a cross-section of 16 mm² or 25 mm². We sell waterproof heat-shrinkable tubing in various diameters and lengths. Depending on the article, the cables are sold by the metre or by the roll to save you unnecessary expense.

Braided sleeves are also available. They provide a very flexible connection and comply with the UL-94-V2 standard for high safety.

In our catalogue you can find complete electrical harnesses. These are essential for the headlight strips at the front and rear of the 4-wheel racetrack.

Apart from the cables, there are other components that are essential in your car. Each of them has a specific role. For example, fuses protect the electrical system from faults that can occur in the equipment or power supply. For this purpose, our specialist shop offers the public various electrical wiring accessories. These are mainly :

Lugs (tubular lugs for circuit breakers, flat crimp lugs, eye crimp lugs, cylindrical crimp lugs...) ;
Fuses (LED illuminated fuse, fuse with circuit breaker...) ;
Indicator lights and control lights;
Insulating tapes;
Relays and circuit breakers...

All major brands of electrical cables

As the electrical wiring of a racing car is of crucial importance, it is essential to use quality electrical parts offered by the major brands. This way, you can drive around the track with complete peace of mind while benefiting from several years of warranty. To satisfy our professional customers and racing enthusiasts, Oreca Store distributes products from several well-known brands. These include Bosch, Laser & Tools, Super B, Valeo, Connect and NC.
Our branded electrical wiring wires and accessories are designed to withstand extreme conditions.
To provide you with everything your car needs, Oreca Store has a complete range of electrical wiring and accessories for 4x4s, historic vehicles, karting cars, cars for track days, etc. All our products are available in different lengths, diameters and amperages (5 A, 6 A, 15 A, 20 A...). So you will have no difficulty in finding the accessories that are compatible with your vehicle. If necessary, our experts are at your service to give you practical advice and guide you in your choices.