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All the nuts and bolts accessories needed to maintain a racing or sports car can be found on In particular, you will find complete fastener packs, which you must have on hand at your service stand. If you are looking for wheel studs you will also find them in the "bolts" category of the website. We offer you light and resistant nuts, ideal for motor racing.

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Sale of nuts, studs, wheel bolts

All the nuts and bolts you need to fix your car wheels. Nuts and bolts to fix your wheels to buy at low price on, the specialist in the sale of spare parts for motorsports. Choose your thread and the length of your wheel nut thanks to our selection filters that you will find for each bolt product. All our steel and aluminium wheel nuts are very strong. To screw, tighten and securely fix your wheels trust our selection of wheel nuts and bolts! Remember to check the condition of your bolts and their tightness as they can be damaged after heavy use during a race. Having bought a set or two in advance in your garage could prove to be a great help.

All the automotive fasteners on ORECA STORE

Our online shop offers you a complete choice of car parts to fix your wheels to your vehicle. Bolts, nuts, wheel studs... You will find everything you need, with prices to suit all budgets.

If car bolting accessories are indispensable in everyday life, this is even more true in motor sport. On the racetrack or in a rally, a car can be confronted with extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. It is therefore important to take care of the wheel fixings, in order to ensure the best performance and safety of the driver.

Nuts, bolts, wheel studs... What are the differences?

Many terms are commonly used in this field, sometimes incorrectly. There is sometimes a tendency to confuse the various elements that play a role in fixing. Here are a few guidelines to avoid making mistakes...

First of all, you are probably familiar with the nut. It is a mechanical assembly part with a hole in it, into which another element, such as a screw, is inserted.

However, this component is often referred to as a "bolt", which is a misnomer. In reality, the term "bolt" refers to the combination of a screw and a nut. The combination of these two elements is intended to guarantee a solid fastening after tightening. The two must therefore be identical in terms of their thread, i.e. the grooves on their surface (external or internal).

Finally, in our catalogue you will also find wheel studs. These consist of a metal rod, threaded at both ends. Their purpose is to connect the central part of the wheel (the hub) to the rest of the car, the whole being locked with a nut.

The main dimensions to be studied

The various models offered on the ORECA STORE have different properties. Of course, you should first pay attention to the length of each piece, before ordering it.

But, as you will have understood, another characteristic to be taken into account is the thread of the component, often available in several versions. This parameter is usually expressed by two numbers, separated by an "x". The first is the diameter of the thread, and the second is the pitch, i.e. the distance covered when one turn is made (by the nut or bolt). Possible sizes include: 12x125, 12x150, 14x150...

How to choose the right bolts and nuts for your car?

In order to select the right parts for your vehicle, you should of course check the dimensions of the products. But these are not the only properties to consider.

Nuts can, for example, have various shapes: spherical, conical, flat... Moreover, depending on their constitution, the elements will not offer the same performance. For example, you can opt for high-quality studs made by the RedSpec brand, which have been specially treated for use in motor racing. Such components will appeal to drivers who are looking for parts with excellent resistance in all conditions.