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Opt for excellence for your competition car with the SPAL fan, the number 1 fan in competition. Specially designed for competition, its size is reduced, it is light and easy to install. You will find different fans in different power ratings to best suit the engine power of your racing car. You will also find fan + controller + support packs.

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Sale of SPAL fans

Sale of SPAL fans designed for motor racing to buy at low prices on, the online shop specialising in the sale of parts and accessories for motor sport! Complete perfectly the water circuit of your racing car with the SPAL fan.

Keep a cool head by adding a fan to your vehicle

If you want to take care of your engine, don't hesitate to add the services of a new fan. This will control the temperature under the bonnet to prevent overheating and ensure the best performance.

At ORECA STORE, we offer electric models in particular. Although all drivers can choose to install such a component on their vehicle, it will be particularly suitable for motor sport enthusiasts. Because the conditions are of course not the same in the city as on a circuit or in a rally...

What is the purpose of a fan in a car?

In order to detail the benefits of an automotive fan, let's take a look at its role. As you know, when an engine is running, its temperature rises. It is therefore necessary to dissipate the heat it emits. One of the ways in which this is done is through the vehicle's radiator, in which the vital coolant circulates.

So why is a fan also added? In fact, it also helps to maintain the engine temperature by cooling the coolant. It increases the amount of air flowing through the radiator, so that the temperature of the circulating fluid is reduced. These components are part of what is known as the cooling system.

However, in motor racing, the engine can be subjected to extreme heat conditions. For this reason, the cooling system must be strengthened with a more powerful fan that can cope with the highest speeds. This is why such a system is quickly becoming a must for both professional and amateur drivers.

The different types of fans on ORECA STORE

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of fans. All of them have the advantage of being compact and light, to optimise performance during the race. But to find the perfect model for your vehicle, there are a few key features to consider.

First of all, the different items available are distinguished by their power, or rather by their hourly flow rate. Expressed in m3/h, this measurement corresponds to the maximum quantity of air emitted per hour. The selection should then be made according to the power of the engine, which can lead to different cooling requirements.

Next, the dimensions of the product should be studied. For each model, we indicate its thickness (a few centimetres) and its diameter, expressed in millimetres. These different sizes allow you to choose the item that fits perfectly into the engine compartment of your car.

SPAL, the reference brand for electric fans

At ORECA STORE, we want to provide you with the best components. This is why we trust the SPAL brand, a major player in automotive cooling. With over 60 years of experience, the Italian manufacturer is now recognised as the benchmark for fans. And the company stands out in particular with its electric models.

These have a remarkable advantage: they can only be switched on when needed. To do this, you need an electronic fan controller, which is also available in our online shop. This device acts like a thermostat: it monitors the temperature of the coolant and only activates the fan when a certain threshold is exceeded, which is also adjustable.

In addition, our catalogue contains all the parts needed for assembly, including the fasteners. If you want to do it yourself, you can follow our online tutorial. If not, you can call in a professional garage.