Xenon headlight bulb kit

Light up like day with Xenon headlights!

Change your headlights with a xenon headlight bulb kit! The Xenon device allows you to considerably improve the lighting of your sports car by making your optical block a real driving aid. Perfect for illuminating your road as if it were daylight, on a racetrack or in a rally, xenon lights give you all the brightness you need for night driving. These xenon bulbs are easy to fit in place of the original bulbs, depending on the base. With xenon technology, you can enjoy optimal night lighting for your car!

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Sale of xenon headlight kits

Find on Oreca-Store.com, xenon lamps at low prices to equip your car. Xenon kits H7, H1, H2, H3, H4, from RedSpec or Hella, for an optimal lighting of your car !

Change your headlight bulbs and opt for a sporty light for your races on the circuit and in rallies. An ideal equipment to see like in daylight during your night driving sessions. The bulbs and kits we offer for sale have received the best reviews from customers who have purchased and installed them on their cars! Bulbs guaranteed manufacturer for an exceptional final brightness on roads and dirt roads.

Many drivers now use xenon lights for their races in low light: do as they do, go from darkness to light! Xenon lights are allowed on the track to guide you to victory! Find the bulb that suits your needs: available in h1, h2, h3, h4 and h7 bases, their power varies from 35 to 130 watts.

For road use, a homologation is necessary. You will find the mention of the open road homologation on each product sheet. If approved, these kits can be used to provide you with much better visibility for night driving and contribute to your safety. The installation of the HID xenon kits can be done by a garage or by yourself by following a guide.


How to install a Xenon HID headlight kit?

Oreca's Xenon kit installation tutorial guides you through the installation of the Xenon kit on any 2 wheel or 4 wheel vehicle. HID technology, which stands for High-Intensity Discharge, can be installed on almost any car and is becoming more and more standard on new vehicles.

HID bulbs may not be suitable for your vehicle depending on your modern ECU; check the compatibility of your ECU with your HID headlights. A little internet research may be enough to give you an answer. HID bulbs are often longer than halogens and therefore may not fit all light clusters or when a bulb holder is used.


Xenon or led headlight ?

While xenon and LED headlights are clearly different from halogen headlights in that they offer an increased luminosity estimated at more than 3,000 lumens (compared to half that for halogens) for a significant electrical output (35 watts for the former compared to more than 50W for the latter), it is more difficult to identify the differences between xenon and LED.

Today, the difference between xenon bulbs and LED bulbs is tenuous: their efficiency is close, their capacity to produce a strong luminosity without excessive energy expenditure or heat loss is equal. It is up to you to choose the equipment that suits you best according to the use you will make of it: xenon is for example very appreciated in the world of motor sports.


The advantages of Xenon headlights

Xenon HID headlights have many advantages over halogen:

  • Almost three times the light output
  • Longer service life
  • Lower power consumption
  • Less energy loss in the form of heat


Xenon or bi Xenon?

While both Xenon and Bi-Xenon headlights offer a bluish light to reproduce a light close to that present during the day, Xenon lights only replace low beams, while Bi-Xenon lights can be used as low beams as well as high beams.

Regulation of Xenon headlamps in Europe

For retrofitting on the European continent only complete Xenon kit systems are allowed. They must be type-approved (usually with the sign E1 on the window), equipped with an automatic headlamp levelling system and a headlamp cleaning system (specifications according to ECE R48 and national regulations).

The approval of each headlamp is linked to its bulb depending on whether it is halogen or xenon. If the light source is replaced then the original headlamp does not retain its approval if it is not specified that it is intended for the replacement approval.

Be careful to drive in compliance with the regulations for your xenon headlights at the risk of not being covered by your insurance in the event of a problem; your seller is also responsible for the sale. Oreca makes sure to offer the best xenon kits adapted to your vehicle and benefits from the confidence of its 60,000 products over several decades of experience and customer satisfaction.


Where can I buy low cost xenon lights for my car?

On ORECA STORE of course! Oreca has been committed to customer satisfaction for a very long time. A quality service with the assurance of peace of mind when you buy on the internet.

Access directly to our different brands HELLA and REDSPEC; or filter your search with our approved and non-approved headlights.

Don't miss our special offers to get the best prices on your xenon lights.