Keep track of all your indicators with our digital dashboards!

Ideal for monitoring the condition of your car and measuring your performance with real-time indicators, the dashboard is a precious ally for any motorsport driver. More complete and advanced than the original dashboards, our AIM, Garmin or Stack brand dashboards and GPS stopwatches have been designed to maximise the performance of competitors by providing drivers and co-drivers with all the information they need during a race: car data, GPS position, lap times, session analysis, etc. You can also export your sessions in order to study them and understand what your best trajectories were!

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Sale of dashboards

Discover on Oreca-Store.com our complete range of digital dashboards, GPS with onboard camera and GPS stopwatch. Indispensable tools for drivers in circuit racing or rallying, the dashboards inform the driver and co-driver in real time of the state of the car as well as the performance during the race. Some models are equipped with cameras, satellite and GPS signals and stopwatches to reconstruct the race, lap times, track trajectories and best behaviour.


Why get a digital dashboard for motor racing?

Lighter and more compact than the original dashboards, the digital dashboards and GPS chronometers on sale at Oreca Store also include more functions than the basic devices usually found on vehicles.

With aluminium or carbon casings to combine lightness and strength, these dashboards are easy to fit thanks to their adaptable brackets which allow them to be easily installed in place of the original devices.

In terms of the information and data available, the on-board technologies on the dashboards available at Oreca Store allow, depending on the model, to :

  • Quickly read basic information on the state and behaviour of the car: original lights (lights, various alerts), fuel gauge, rev counter, speed, etc.

  • Obtain a GPS signal to reconstitute its route on the screen

  • Receive verbal information by connecting earphones to the device

  • To know your lap time in real time

  • To be able to compare your current time with a reference time

  • Analyse your sessions (number of laps, minimum and maximum engine speed, etc.)


Who are digital dashboards and GPS stopwatches for?

There is no doubt that these technologies are aimed at drivers and co-drivers. Easily installed in cars intended for competition use, these precious tools are concentrates of technology that allow them to have an in-depth knowledge of their car and its performance during and after races.

Thanks to the wealth of information they offer, the dashboards will allow you to take care of your mechanics and improve your performance in the long term. With their Wifi or USB connectivity and the ability to export your sessions for later study on a suitable platform, you will be able to understand what your mistakes were and what behaviours you should repeat.


Which brand of dashboard should I choose?

Each brand of dashboard on Oreca Store has a different offer:

  • AIM dashboards and AIM GPS stopwatches offer different levels of information with the first category having a screen that allows you to organise your data reading as you wish
  • The Garmin GPS with on-board camera is state of the art and ideal for use on the race track
  • The Stack dashboards are the image of this reference brand for on-board tools: elegant and efficient with many features designed for competition driving