Bilstein shock absorber kits

In our online shop you will find a range of Bilstein B6 and B8 shock absorbers, available for many car models. We also offer B14 and B16 threaded combination suspension kits for a wide range of vehicles. We also offer a Bilstein suspension kit for Group A and N cars such as Citroën, Peugeot, Renault and Subaru.
With Bilstein you are opting for excellence with products based on innovative technology specially designed for motorsport.

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Sale of shock absorber kits

Kits with Eibach springs and BILSTEIN shock absorbers! All sports car shock absorbers. The Bilstein B6 are designed for sporty drivers who prefer discretion. The B8 shock absorbers are specially designed for low-slung sports cars.

The shock absorber is an essential part of road safety and its role is to soften the impact of suspension travel. It works in conjunction with the suspension to ensure that the car has better grip on the ground. Just like many parts, shock absorbers and suspensions used in motorsport also have some specific features to optimise sporty driving. On, you will find shock absorber kits dedicated to sports and competition cars.

Role of the shock absorber for the sports car

It would be impossible to talk about the shock absorber of a sports car without understanding the role of this part on a car in general. The shock absorber is a mechanical part whose function is to dampen the shocks felt by the car, as its name suggests.

There is a difference between the suspension or spring and the shock absorber. The suspension "suspends" the car in the air and keeps the wheels on the ground, thus preventing the car from going off the road when cornering. The shock absorber moderates the movements of the suspension and makes it work more efficiently. Together, the suspension and shock absorber improve the car's handling and allow better absorption of road imperfections.

Specificities of the sport shock absorber

Sport shock absorbers are parts designed specifically for sports vehicles to improve handling, comfort and driver safety during racing. Although at first glance they look identical to the original equipment shock absorbers, they have been designed for a sportier ride. They provide better handling by reducing the car's roll or side-to-side sway when cornering, increase driving precision and provide better shock absorption.

The sport shock absorbers can be mounted on original springs or with short springs. Kits with Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach short springs for sports cars are available at Oreca Store. You can find the entire range of suspensions and shock absorbers for racing in one place, at a lower price.

Our offers and promotions allow you to equip and improve the performance of your sports car for less. Many leading brands are represented in our online shop, including Bilstein, Gaz Shocks and Eibach, so you can find the best shock absorbers for your make or model of car and your driving style.

What type of shock absorber should you choose for your sports car?

There are different types of shock absorbers depending on the needs of the driver, the use of the shock absorber and the driving style. The Bilstein B4 short shocks are designed more for everyday use. They are ideal for historic and classic vehicles.

One of the most popular shock absorbers among drivers and manufacturers is the B6 shock absorber. This type of shock absorber is designed for drivers who prefer discretion. It is a high performance shock absorber that is suitable for both daily use and sustained driving. It can be fitted with the original springs or with short springs for a better precision in driving.

Shock absorbers for sporty driving

For sportsmen who are looking for a high level of comfort, the B8 shock absorbers are perfect. This type of shock absorber has been designed for use on the racetrack, offering better performance and safety. Being generally associated with short springs, Bilstein B8 shocks are also called short sport shocks. They also have a longer life due to the use of better and more durable materials.

The B10 shock absorber, also known as the Power Kit, gives the car an aggressive and sporty look thanks to its 4 gas pressure dampers and short springs. This type of shock absorber is perfect for lowered cars.

Introduced in the 1980s, the B12 shock absorber consists of four short B8 shock absorbers and a set of lowering springs.

The B14 threaded combination shock absorber was designed with racing in mind. It guarantees good steering even under extreme conditions thanks to a high-pressure single-tube technology. It consists of a PSS threaded combination which allows the height of the body to be adjusted to the millimetre.

Finally, the B16 shock absorber, which is more powerful than the PSS, allows the damping to be adjusted to 9 positions, from the firmest to the softest, for greater fluidity in the ride. It is composed of PSS9 threaded bushes.

Oreca Store's sports shock absorber kits and threaded combinations are high quality products designed for sports and competition cars to improve their road grip. We offer complete kits for many makes of cars. Find the right shock absorber kit for your car model to improve your experience on the racetrack and make your driving more sporty. You can choose a fixed or adjustable shock absorber to get the height you want.