Rallye roof hatch, roof air intake

Optimize the ventilation of your competition or sports car with our wide selection of universal roof hatches and air intakes. You will find ultra light roof hatches in carbon and fiber or full carbon. A reduced weight in compliance with the F2000 category regulations. You will also find roof vents made of waterproof steel to be riveted or welded. The air intakes for caport are sold by pair.

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Sale of air intakes and roof hatches

We offer a wide selection of lightweight, heavy-duty cooling scoops designed to maximize airflow. They can be used to supply air to the engine, brakes and cabin with fresh air. To be coupled with BOA ducts thanks to the clamp or the thermo-retractable joints, sold on our site. The ORECA Store offers you the necessary ventilation equipment for the good functioning of your vehicle.

Optimize the ventilation of your car on ORECA STORE

Motor vehicles are regularly subjected to high temperatures, which can affect their performance and health. It is therefore essential to ensure effective cooling of the various components. There is no need to look for a complex solution: a "simple" additional air supply can often be enough to reduce the risk of overheating.

ORECA STORE offers you a selection of products that fulfil this function. Let's take a closer look at these components that allow your car to change air, literally!

Roof hatches for fresh air during rallies

As racing fans know, victory in a race can come down to details. The driver must be in the best possible condition to be responsive and adopt optimal trajectories. This is especially true during rallies, where he has to drive for hours on end, sometimes in extreme temperatures. That's why it's important to optimise the ventilation of the passenger compartment.

This is precisely the objective of the roof hatches, which act without harming the aerodynamics of the vehicle. On ORECA STORE, you will find parts made of fibre, steel or full carbon, easy to fit. But be careful: if you take part in competitions, make sure you comply with the F2000 regulations, whose criteria we remind in this article in french.

And to complete the set around your roof hatch, don't hesitate to add a cleanable filter and an air diffuser.

Air intakes to keep your engine cool

But the passenger compartment is not the only part of the car that needs air. The engine compartment also needs to be cooled efficiently, especially during car races. This is usually provided by the grille at the front of the vehicle. Unfortunately, under extreme conditions, such as during rallies, this is often not enough.

Fortunately, you can add air intakes to your hood by choosing from the many references in our online catalog. They'll help circulate more fresh air through the engine compartment, keeping it performing and powerful. It's also a long-lasting investment, as it will help prevent engine wear.

Adding air intakes is not just a matter of performance or maintenance. It's also for those who want to customize the design of their car. By placing these elements on the hood, you can give your car a sportier, more aerodynamic look that will not go unnoticed.

Be careful, however: sometimes the installation of an air intake can invalidate the vehicle's warranty. So be careful and, if in doubt, don't hesitate to ask a professional garage for advice.

Everything you need to cool your car

Air intakes can also be used to regulate the temperature of other parts of a vehicle, such as the brake system, the oil cooler or the air filter. This is why ORECA STORE offers a wide selection of cooling scoops. These allow to limit the risks of overheating of the different parts, and thus to gain in endurance and efficiency.

For the assembly of the scoops you will certainly also need "boa" cooling jackets, which are also available in our online shop. We offer several models with different diameters and different cold and heat resistance. Please note that you can choose the length of the sleeve by filling in the "Quantity" field when ordering (minimum 2 metres).