2-piston brake calipers

Discover the complete selection of 2-piston brake calipers on sale at Oreca-Store. Brake calipers specially designed for sporting and competitive use where the brakes are heavily used. With their aluminium design and high reactivity, they offer everything a racing driver needs.

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Sale of 2-piston brake calipers

Find the complete range of 2-piston brake calipers in stock or on order on Oreca-Store.com. AP Racing brake calipers offer high quality performance for all drivers looking to improve the efficiency, reactivity and endurance of their braking.

What is the purpose of brake calipers?

When the driver of the vehicle presses the brake pedal, he commands a certain level of braking that the calipers will have to transmit to the pads and discs. It is in fact the friction due to the contact between the pads and the discs that slows down the rotation of the discs and, by extension, the wheels. But before that, it is the brake fluid which, by spreading throughout the braking system when the brake pedal is pressed, causes the calipers to tighten with more or less force and press the pads against the discs;

The calipers therefore play an important role in braking as the link in a car's braking system.

Why change brake calipers?

In the case of sporty and competitive use of a vehicle, the brakes are subject to heavy and sometimes aggressive use. In order to ensure a good endurance of the braking system, it is recommended to equip yourself with quality components such as AP Racing brake calipers.

Beyond that, sports brake calipers will improve your performance by offering more responsive and efficient braking than with conventional brake calipers. This gain in precision and time will be a valuable asset in your quest for good results!