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ORECA Store, the online shop specialised in motorsports, has selected for you the best brands of high performance gearbox oil. Gearbox oil helps to limit friction and improve gear shifting. These lubricating oils are ideal for racing.
These oils are excellent for heavily loaded gears. They are designed for 4x4, Rally Raid, or track use for intensive use. The anti-wear characteristics of these gear oils help to reduce operating noise and improve longevity.

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Sale of gearbox oil

Find your racing oil at low prices on High performance gearbox oil from different brands: Motul, Mecatech, Yacco, Oreca, Redline, Castrol, etc. Many of our customers have left positive reviews on gearbox products, our sales staff will confirm this. Properly lubricating your gearbox shifting can save you precious seconds during a car competition. Remember to change the oil in your gearbox. The right lubrication is the secret to guarantee the best performance and the longest life of your different car mechanical parts. Find on our site the best gearbox lubricant for an ideal transmission of gears to buy at low prices.

Gearbox oil: what is its role?

You are probably familiar with the function of the gearbox. It offers the driver the possibility of changing gears in order to adapt the engine power to the situation. Because as you know, your vehicle's behaviour and fuel consumption are not the same in first or fifth gear.

But for this component to function optimally, it must be accompanied by a quality gearbox oil. Like the oil in other parts of the car, such as the engine, its primary role is to lubricate the various parts. In other words, it makes gear changes smoother and safer. And if this observation applies to all vehicles, it is all the more true in motor racing. On the racetrack or during a rally, a deteriorated oil can cause you to lose precious tenths of a second, which can make all the difference at the finish line.

In addition, the fluid also has a cleaning function. The fluid circulates through the gearbox and removes various wear particles.

What are the main characteristics of gearbox oils?

If you browse through our catalogue, you will notice a few recurring features among our items. The first one is two numbers, separated by the letter "W". In this category of articles, you will mainly find the following possibilities: 75W80, 75W140, 75W90 and 80W90. This actually corresponds to the viscosity indexes of the product, a system also used for motor oils.

In all cases, the first number represents the viscosity index of the liquid when cold, and the second the viscosity index when hot. This is because not all products react in the same way to different temperature conditions. Therefore, manufacturers use these symbols to inform retailers and consumers about the characteristics of their component.

Furthermore, most gearbox oils sold on ORECA STORE mention a "class" or a "standard": GL-4, GL-5, GL-6... This refers to an oil classification set up by the API (American Petroleum Institute). This American association brings together many players in the oil industry and has established a number of technical standards. Without going into detail, the various levels indicated correspond to the conditions supported by the product, particularly in terms of speed and pressure.

How to choose your gearbox oil?

In the light of these elements, the choice of liquid is not necessarily easy. One might think that selecting the best performing one would be enough to obtain the best results. But this would be a mistake. In fact, the chemical components can vary greatly from one oil to another and are therefore likely to alter certain parts of a car that are not suitable for a given product.

Therefore, you should be particularly careful when selecting your product. On ORECA STORE, we usually indicate the recommended brands and models. But in general, whether for everyday use or for motorsport, it is best to follow the manufacturer's advice, which is usually recorded in the vehicle's logbook. And you can also ask a garage for advice, to make sure you make the right choice.

When to change your gearbox oil?

As with any such component, gearbox oil should be changed regularly. There is no general rule, but it is often considered good practice to change it after two years or 50,000 km. In any case, do not hesitate to refer to your car's service booklet.

It is also possible to monitor the condition of the mechanics, paying attention to any signs of wear. For example, if you feel a regular cracking noise when changing gears, this may be a sign that you need to change the gearbox oil.

The biggest brands are on ORECA STORE

For our shop, we have selected only the best brands on the market: Castrol, Motul, Yacco, Mecatech, or Redline. Also, different capacities are proposed to you, according to your needs: 1 L, 2 L, even 20 L.