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Indispensable when you frequently work on your car (which is often the case in motorsport), the impact spanners will allow you to work on the vehicle quickly, efficiently and without any effort. The Cordless Electric Wrench is a battery operated electric tool using LI-ion technology allowing you to have an increased autonomy. With a reduced weight and size ratio, you can take your impact spanners everywhere. Discover also our wide range of pneumatic impact spanners.

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Sale of socket sets and impact spanners

Large choice of socket sets and cordless wrenches at low prices on Oreca-Store.com. Specialized in tools for mechanics ! Sets of impact sockets of different diameters ! Cheap impact sockets ! Bolt and unbolt with ease with one of the professional branded unbolters from the world of motorsport. Many mechanics and garages use our bolt removers to quickly remove tyres. For effortless screwing and unscrewing you can choose either an electric or pneumatic impact spanner for more professional use.
Whether you are a professional or a private individual, high quality tools are essential to carry out any mechanical manipulation easily on a car. For tightening and loosening tasks, the impact spanner is the most popular tool today. It is more convenient to use and its performance far exceeds that of an electric screwdriver. ORECA Store offers you different models of this product for all your mechanical interventions.

A wide range of impact wrenches for different purposes

A bolt gun, also known as an impact spanner, has exactly the same shape as a screwdriver or a drill, but it has many special features that set it apart from these products. A drill or a screwdriver works only with rotational energy. The impact spanner, on the other hand, inflicts multiple impacts on the head of the bolts or nuts in addition to the rotational movement. This tool is capable of exerting a high torque with increasing power at low speed, unlike the drill, which only generates a constant torque. Impact spanners are available in different models:

  • manual impact spanner,
  • electric impact spanner with cord,
  • cordless electric impact spanner,
  • pneumatic impact spanner

Versatile electric impact spanners

Our range of cordless impact spanners is made up of high performance and versatile tools to suit any application. Each electric impact spanner in our catalogue offers you the possibility of interchanging the tightening accessories to work on bolts, nuts and screws of different sizes. Your impact wrench will allow you to work easily in hard-to-reach areas, especially in the engine area of the car. Each model of impact spanner we offer is carefully selected to provide excellent ergonomics. They are equipped with a handle that offers great comfort to the user.

The electric impact spanners are equipped with a battery that offers a good autonomy to work without interruption for a long time. Some tools even have 2 batteries. They also have a very fast charging time. Any of the electric impact spanners in our range will help you make repairs more easily and efficiently, saving you money and increasing your productivity.

Fast and efficient pneumatic impact spanners

This impact spanner works with a compressed air system and an air compressor, the size of which can vary depending on the model. It is also the size of the air compressor that determines the power of the tool. In addition, the pneumatic impact spanner is capable of more power than the electric impact spanner. This makes it particularly suitable for tightening and loosening large and rusty bolts.

The pneumatic impact spanners we offer are very ergonomic. Very often used for changing wheels, they are perfect for both professionals and car drivers. They will allow you to change your wheels in a few minutes and without difficulty in case of a puncture. For your safety, we recommend that you bring mechanic's gloves if you are not particularly good at DIY and mechanics.

On ORECA Store, you will find cordless impact spanners that are very resistant thanks to their carbon or aluminium shells. Some of these tools can have a speed of up to 9500 rpm and a torque of up to 2500 Nm. Take the time to browse our catalogue and you are sure to find the right impact spanner in our stock at an unbeatable price. Choose the impact wrench with the right power, speed, torque and number of impacts per minute and benefit from fast delivery within 24 hours. Also consider the anvil, charger speed and battery life when making your choice.

Professional branded motorsport tools available to all

ORECA Store specialises in the sale of professional quality mechanical tools for use in motorsport. In this sector, the performance requirements for tools are very high. For this reason, the brands that are geared towards motorsport only offer top-of-the-range equipment. As a professional or private individual, you also deserve to benefit from these products that offer the best results in terms of efficiency and durability. This is why we offer you our impact spanners.

In our catalogue you will find products of great reference in the automotive sector, such as the tools of the Italian brand Paoli. We also offer accessories from the manufacturers Laser Tools, RedSpec, R. S. Performance, Ribitech and many others.

A complete range of consumables for all your needs

In addition to our range of electric impact spanners and pneumatic impact spanners, we also offer a wide range of car accessories. If you are looking for sockets or wheel bolts, for example, you will find various models in our range. You can even buy a high-quality socket set from Laser Tools at a very affordable price at ORECA Store. We also offer impact spanner batteries with a capacity of up to 4 Ah and a current of 20 V.