Motor sport front shock absorbers

Do you need to optimise or simply change your front shock absorbers? We have selected for you a brand specialised in car suspension: Bilstein. To absorb the shocks and impacts of the road, you need good front shock absorbers on your car. Opt for the best and save precious seconds during your car races. We sell for example Clio 1 and 2, 206, Audi A3, BMW, Renault, Citroën, ... front shock absorbers among others.

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Sale of Bilstein front shock absorbers

Our front shock absorbers are available for many sports car models, Renault, Peugeot, Subaru, BMW, Citroën. What are you looking for? Right front shock absorber? Bilstein shock absorbers for BMW ? Front shock absorbers for Peugeot? There's something for everyone at, the online shop specialising in the sale of motor sport parts! Racing front shock absorbers at low prices.

A wide range of front sport shock absorbers on ORECA STORE

Have you noticed a suspension problem with your car? Do you want to improve the performance of your car during a race? This section of our online shop will certainly satisfy your needs. It contains a wide selection of front shock absorbers, particularly suitable for motor sport. Because, as we will see below, some suspension parts can be optimised to gain precious tenths of a second, especially in corners.

But you still have to choose the right model for your car, which is not always easy. This is why ORECA STORE offers you the possibility of filtering the results by manufacturer. This way, you can easily find your vehicle among the many brands on offer: Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Opel, Porsche, etc.

What are shock absorbers used for on a car?

First of all, it is important to understand the role of the car suspension. Shock absorbers are actually part of this system, as are springs. It is the combined action of these two elements that gives the car good road holding.

When you drive, your tyres are in direct contact with the road, which can have many irregularities: bumps, cracks, potholes, etc. And if you take part in rallies, this risk is even higher, as the road is generally more damaged. Without suspension, your wheels would have less grip on the ground, resulting in a loss of control.

Fortunately, the purpose of the springs is precisely to maintain contact with the road, by extending or compressing. And then the shock absorbers intervene, usually with a piston system, to make the oscillations caused by this action as smooth as possible. So it's a question of both comfort and safety.

When and why change your front shock absorbers?

Indeed, it is easy to see that a faulty suspension can have serious consequences. Firstly, by making driving less comfortable, such a malfunction significantly increases fatigue at the wheel. But above all, it reduces the grip on the ground, which lengthens braking distances and can cause the car to go off the road when cornering, especially when cornering at high speed.

Therefore, it is recommended to have your shock absorbers checked every two years or 20,000 km. And it is advisable to replace them every 80,000 km or so. However, if you're a racing driver, you'll probably want to monitor their performance more often and more carefully.

The different types of shock absorbers

There are various categories of shock absorbers, each corresponding to a specific use. In our catalogue, you will quickly spot them: they are expressed using the letter "B" and a number.

Without going into detail, it should be noted that the B4s are well suited to historic vehicles. Secondly, the B6 and B8 are more suitable for sporty use, delivering higher performance and a longer service life. Finally, the B14 and B16 refer to so-called "threaded combinations". These parts have a special feature that is often appreciated by racing and tuning enthusiasts: they are largely adjustable. Several properties, such as the hardness of the springs or the ride height, can be adjusted.

Bilstein, the reference brand for automotive suspension, on ORECA STORE

Since shock absorbers are an essential component of car safety, ORECA STORE has chosen to work with a well-known manufacturer in this field. In our catalogue, you will therefore have access to numerous products from Bilstein. The German company, founded more than 140 years ago, enjoys an excellent reputation on the market, which has enabled it to work with brands such as Mercedes-Benz or Porsche.