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Sale of FIA approved full face helmets with the brands OMP, Sparco, Stilo, Bell and Turn One. In rallying as well as on the track, full-face helmets are often mandatory. The FIA homologation certifies that your helmet complies with all safety regulations.

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Full face rally helmet for sale

A motor sport helmet is a compulsory piece of equipment for motor sports. The helmet, when it is integral, protects the head of the driver and co-driver. It ensures maximum safety on board the competition vehicle. To help you protect yourself during your rally or circuit races, ORECA Store has a wide range of high quality full face helmets in stock at very attractive prices. Our full face helmets are suitable for both men and women.

What is the purpose of a full face helmet in motor racing?

The full-face helmet is essential safety equipment for the rider and co-pilot. It is the element that protects your head and saves your life in case of a fall or violent impact. It is used in motor racing events such as WRC, karting, circuit racing, enduro, etc. Unlike the jet helmet, the full-face helmet has the particularity of being completely closed (front and back).

This structure allows the equipment to completely cover the wearer's head. In the event of a fall, a serious accident or flying stone, the head is thus fully protected. The full face helmet protects the skull and the whole face, especially the jaw. The equipment is worn over an FIA fireproof bonnet that provides effective protection in the event of a fire and retains perspiration, preventing the helmet's internal foam from absorbing moisture.

Despite its fully enclosed structure, the full-face helmet has good ventilation. It is usually made of composite materials such as fibreglass, carbon fibre, etc. This makes the helmet lighter. This makes this type of helmet lighter. Because of its great use in motor racing, it is important for the driver and co-driver to invest in a good quality full-face helmet.

How to choose a full face helmet?

The choice of helmet depends on the sport and the needs of the driver or co-driver. For WRC rallying, for example, it is advisable to use a full-face helmet with an original intercom or radio. This accessory allows the driver and co-driver to have a better quality of communication. It is also necessary to take into account the lightness of the helmet. A light full-face helmet is much more comfortable to wear.

Above all, make sure you choose the right size full-face helmet. The equipment should be perfectly adapted to the shape of your head. It is also important to choose a helmet that meets the safety standards imposed by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile). The FIA approval of your helmets actually guarantees you better safety. You can therefore be sure that your full-face helmet is reliable and offers you maximum protection.

A wide range of reliable and stylish full-face helmets

ORECA Store has a wide range of full-face helmets in stock, in order to offer every driver and co-driver the ideal protection for their sporting competition. In our online shop, we present different models of full-face helmets for men and women. Our full-face helmets are made by leading brands such as Sparco, Bell, OMP, Stilo and Turn One.

Our full-face helmets from Stilo combine comfort and aesthetics. These Stilo helmets, designed for GT touring, are made up of foam of different densities on the inside and a design and resistant shell on the outside. They are also very light, offer good ventilation and a fairly wide field of vision. Our Stilo professional full-face helmets are available in various sizes and are all FIA and Snell approved.

We also offer FIA and Snell approved OMP and Turn One full face helmets for sale. The shell of our OMP full-face helmets is made of lightweight composite material. The interior padding is flame retardant, soft and ultra breathable. This makes these helmets even more comfortable to wear. Our OMP helmets in white and Hans-compatible have an adjustable visor with a locking system.

Our Turn One brand full face helmet with visor is FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2015 approved and is available in black with a matte finish and in white. Our Bell and Sparco full-face helmets are beautifully designed, ranging from simple to sophisticated. Some of our Bell headsets are equipped with a microphone arm to facilitate communication. For example, our FIA GT6 Rally approved helmet in carbon black (also available in white) is equipped with a Zeronoise radio system.

High quality full face helmets at a low price

At ORECA Store, we have helmets for men and women sold at very attractive prices. Our products meet the requirements of the FIA. They guarantee you maximum safety. The full-face helmets we offer are suitable for disciplines such as WRC rallying, karting, circuit racing, enduro, etc.

Our low-priced full-face helmets come in a variety of models and colours. For example, Stilo helmets come in bright colours such as pink, blue, orange, pink and fluorescent orange. Stilo helmets are also available in more sober colours such as carbon black, grey and white.

Our red Bell RS7 Stamina full-face helmet, which is FIA and Snell approved, also offers a very attractive and sophisticated design. Our full-face helmets are available in various sizes and at very attractive prices. Browse our online catalogue to find the right Stilo, OMP, Bell, Turn One or Sparco helmet for your sport. Enjoy fast delivery of your full-face helmet to your home.