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Sale of car parts for Renault CLIO 3

Find your Renault CLIO 3 spare parts to buy on Oreca-Store ! The specialist in the sale of car sport parts at low prices!
See also our spare parts for Renault CLIO 4.

All spare parts for your Renault Clio 3 on ORECA STORE

Do you own a Clio III and want to replace some components? You've come to the right place! ORECA STORE offers you a wide range of car parts to equip and maintain one of Renault's most popular models.

You can choose from a wide range of items to keep your car comfortable and safe. But you can also upgrade your car to compete successfully in motor races. After all, the city car can also hide a lot of power under the bonnet and surprise with its sportiness.

Renault Clio 3

Where does the success of this now essential car come from? The Renault Clio 3, or Clio III, was launched by the French manufacturer in 2005. It quickly won over motorists. It was voted "Car of the Year" the following year and was the best-selling model in France in 2006, 2011 and 2012.

Its popularity is probably due to its affordable price, its safe driving behaviour and its driving comfort. Practical and manoeuvrable, the city car is particularly well suited to city travel, while still being able to go the distance on longer journeys.

But the Clio 3 is not just a comfortable little model. It has several variants, including a much sportier RS (Renault Sport) variant. With its more powerful engine and dynamic lines, it has features that will appeal to motorsport enthusiasts.


The best car parts to boost your car

At ORECA STORE, you can find all the spare parts compatible with your Renault Clio 3, both for competition and for your daily journeys. Don't skimp on safety, for example, by changing your brake discs and pads when they show signs of wear. Other components such as shock absorbers and springs, which are essential to the vehicle's suspension, will give you peace of mind.

In addition, you can order parts that give your car a sportier look. For example, you can order RS Performance steering wheels with hubs to mount them in the right place. Our catalogue also offers Group N exhaust systems, to which you can add a silencer.

And if you want to improve your performance on the track or in rallies, opt for a self-locking device. This device, which guarantees better grip, will allow you to save precious time during each turn. In the same vein, don't hesitate to change your fuel pump and replace it with a model that offers greater flow for more efficient acceleration.

Finally, when you have perfected your car, let it rest away from prying eyes and unpleasant dirt. The Renault Sport protective cover is the best way to protect your car.

How do I replace the parts?

If you want to assemble the parts yourself, we have a series of tutorials to guide you. In each article, we detail the steps to follow, the equipment needed, and the level of difficulty of the operation.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is not trivial to manipulate the components of a vehicle. And in some cases, depending on the components that have been modified, an assembly error could compromise the car's handling. Therefore, if in doubt, do not hesitate to call on a professional mechanic who will take care of your car.

Renault Clio 3 parts at the best price on ORECA STORE

If you want to improve your Clio 3, browse our online shop! You will find the best spare parts, made by reference manufacturers. There is something for every budget, so you will certainly find what you are looking for. And don't hesitate to come back to our site, as we regularly offer attractive promotions...

And this will be even more valid if you join our loyalty programme, ORECA Premium. Thanks to this programme, you can benefit from exclusive offers and discounts, in addition to those already highlighted in our catalogue. And that's not the only advantage of this status! You also have free access to an unlimited express delivery service and the possibility to return any item that does not suit you within 60 days of your order.