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We offer you different models of ATL fuel tanks specially designed for motor sport. Models equipped with explosion-proof foam. It will be necessary to equip it with a box so that the assembly of your fuel tank is FIA approved. You will find all the necessary aluminium housings in our Fuel Tank Accessories section. You will find several types of fuel tanks depending on your car.

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Sale of ATL fuel tanks

FIA approved tanks of 20L, 40L, 45L, 300L and 400L to buy at the best price on the online shop of the specialist of FIA approved equipment for racing cars. Discover the FIA, SCCA and NASCAR approved ATL rigid tanks, a thermoformed tank resistant to shocks. You will also find flexible tanks, specifically compatible with unleaded gasoline. Large choice of gasoline tank to store your sport car gasoline on !

A certain amount of equipment is necessary to properly prepare a car for a race. A gasoline or diesel tank specially designed for racing is necessary to prevent running out of fuel during the competition. This equipment should not be chosen at random. The use of a quality tank that complies with motor sport regulations is essential. With Oreca Store, quality, compliance and performance are guaranteed with ATL brand tanks.

An ATL fuel tank for a good race

In the race car equipment market, the ATL brand is recognized as one of the best. Used by experienced drivers as well as by neophytes, ATL tanks prove their efficiency on the racetrack. You will find in our online shop tanks of various capacities. Depending on the route to be taken, choose a 20 l, 40 l, 45 l, 300 l or even 400 l tank. We have both rigid and flexible tanks specially designed to hold unleaded petrol.

Gasoline tanks that comply with standards

Motorsport is a field governed by strict regulations. Thus, any tank intended for a racing vehicle must be FIA approved. Do the ATL tanks marketed by Oreca Store meet this requirement? Of course they do, and they are the result of work carried out by real specialists. In order to obtain homologation, ATL had to prove, step by step, that its products comply with various specifications established by the FIA. On each ATL tank, you can read:

  • specifications met
  • the registration number
  • the serial number
  • the expiry date

The marking process of the tanks is indelible and approved by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile). In accordance with the FIA recommendation, the 1999 FT3 tanks we sell are equipped with safety foam (explosion-proof foam). Remember that all tanks must be protected by a casing for installation. Some of the models available from us are sold with an aluminium casing to FIA standards.

Various models of ATL tanks for different vehicles

Whether your race car runs on petrol or diesel, you will find the right ATL tank at Oreca Store to give you the best performance on the track. Depending on the configuration of your vehicle, choose the dimensions and capacity of your tank. While most models are horizontal or circular, some are vertical. The models for gasoline are designed for a place at the level of the spare wheel.

All ATL tanks are available, each with a plate equipped with a cap, a non-return air valve, a fuel inlet/outlet... When the tank is in contact with fuel, it swells by 3 to 5%. Its volume freezes after 4 weeks of constant exposure to petrol or diesel.

For your information, the FIA standard stipulates that no racing car tank should be used more than 5 years after its manufacturing date. So remember to replace your tank if its expiration date has passed.