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Take care of your engine with a water pump!

ORECA Store offers you a large choice of water pumps from Davies Craig and accessories for water pumps. You will find all the necessary material for the water system of your sports car. Electric water pumps, adapter/thermal switch kits and electric water pump and fan controllers are available in our online shop. These water pumps are made of ultra-lightweight, corrosion-resistant plastic and are suitable for sporty and intensive driving.

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Sale of water pump

Oreca-Store.com, the motorsport shop, offers you all the parts to equip the water circuit of your competition car. The advantages of a Davies Craig electric water pump: they can increase engine power by up to 20 hp, have a better cooling capacity, allow significant fuel savings and reduce CO2 emissions.

What does a water pump do?

The main task of your car's water pump is to circulate the coolant throughout the vehicle's cooling system. This prevents the engine from overheating and keeps it running smoothly.

The water pump is often associated with the timing belt and is driven by it, although it can also be connected to the accessory belt. Its action in the cooling circuit is coupled with that of the radiator, the thermostat and the expansion tank, which is in a way the reservoir of the cooling circuit.

When to change your water pump?

Certain signs of wear and tear may indicate the need to replace your original water pump with a new, more efficient one:

-Leakage or seepage of coolant
-propeller blade erosion
-engine overheating
-Damage to the belt
-seized pump

The condition of the water pump can often be checked when the timing belt is changed. A belt that is too tight or a faulty seal can explain leaks or suspicious noises.

It may also be appropriate to change the water pump to improve the performance of your vehicle. By acting more effectively on the cooling of your engine, the water pump allows your vehicle to gain power and improve its performance.

Why choose a Davies Craig water pump?

Davies Craig water pumps offer several advantages: they are universal and are easily installed on the top or bottom of the radiator hose (the installation kit is supplied with the pump), they have a high resistance and a longer life than other pumps, they offer a better cooling capacity and increase the capacity of the engine, they allow you to save on fuel and reduce your CO2 emissions.