FIA Undergarment

Since the beginning of 2018 the FIA homologation change has changed for rally underwear. offers you all the suitable equipment for the motorsport driver. The underwear in motorsport are long johns, t-shirts, bonnets and socks. These specific garments are indispensable for the driver. They offer optimal comfort thanks to micro-perforated parts to allow perspiration to escape. Depending on your preferences and the season, T-shirts are available in long and short sleeves. Remember to ask if your discipline requires you to wear FIA approved rally underwear.

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Sale of FIA approved underwear

For the comfort and safety of racing drivers. Wide range of equipment for motorsport!

Motor sport requires the use of specific equipment. Underwear is a kind of second skin for the driver and provides the necessary comfort for good performance on the track. However, in order to enjoy the benefits of quality car underwear, it must be well chosen. In this article you will find all the characteristics of our products.

Our underwear for motor racing enthusiasts

In motor sport, this category of clothing is essential for the safety of the driver or co-driver. Not only does it contribute to his protection, especially in case of fire, but also to his comfort and hygiene.

For this purpose, we offer a range of fully flame retardant underwear. The catalogue of equipment we offer includes t-shirts, bonnets, long johns and socks. They are worn close to the body so as not to hinder your movements. Made in Spain and Italy, they are made of fine, soft and breathable fabrics of high quality.

The pilot's bonnet

Also known as an underhelmet, this accessory protects the head and neck of the driver or co-driver, particularly in the event of a fire in the vehicle. It also serves to retain perspiration in the event of high temperatures and prevents direct skin contact with the rally or karting helmet.

Our balaclavas are made of flame retardant materials (non-flammable cotton or modacrylic). Depending on the brand, they are either seamless or with flat seams. They fit the shape of the face correctly to provide you with optimum comfort while driving.

The pilot's t-shirt

This type of underwear is essential for the driver, whatever the category of the competition or the championship in which he is participating. It acts as an intermediary between the upper body and the rally suit. Made from super-breathable and flame retardant material, our T-shirts protect you from flames during fires and prevent excess perspiration. They keep you dry for as long as possible.

Our car sportswear fits you perfectly and gives you freedom of movement. With or without flat seams, they are designed to offer you safety and comfort.

The pilot's shorts

Whether it's a rally, a circuit or a karting race, you'll need protective underwear to compete. These underpants complement the t-shirt to avoid skin contact with the suit. Depending on your needs, we offer long or short shorts. They are of high quality and ensure maximum safety against fire and an incredible feeling of well-being when wearing them.

In addition, they are made of stretchy, lightweight, flame retardant fabric. They have an integrated ventilation system to keep you dry and comfortable while driving.

The pilot's socks

Regardless of the discipline, a driver does not use just any socks. They have to be able to protect him from flames and to guarantee him comfort when he drives his vehicle. Indeed, many drivers are confronted with the phenomenon of heavy legs at the end of races. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, our pairs of socks are equipped with a compression system to provide excellent support and promote good blood circulation.

In addition, the fabric is breathable and flame resistant. All of which means you'll be well protected and will be able to set the fastest lap times!

FIA regulations on underwear

The wearing of short-sleeved shirts has been banned for some years. The reason for this is the lack of protection for the forearms. As a result, long-sleeved tops in accordance with the FIA standard 8856-2000 or 8856-2018 have been mandatory since 1 January 2018. This applies to national and regional rally competitions.

Also, since 2019, anyone taking part in UHC hill-climbing races is required to wear a balaclava in addition to other underwear. From 1 January 2021, socks and long johns that meet the same standard will be compulsory. In addition, in order to ensure safety for the participants, all underwear must be flame retardant. Synthetic or acrylic fabrics are not allowed in the race because of their flammability.

The advantages of our underwear

Our products have the advantage of being FIA approved. They are made of the best materials, which guarantees that our equipment is of good quality. Moreover, the underwear we offer you comes from the best brands of the moment such as OMP, Sparco, Alpinestars, Turn One.

Because we care about your safety and well-being, we provide drivers with motorsport accessories that combine comfort and safety. All this to help you perform well on the track!