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The jerrycans and drums we offer for sale will be of great use to you. Made of quality materials, they will allow you to transport all types of fluids such as fuel (petrol, diesel), water or lubricants such as oil. They can also be used as an additional tank to avoid running out of fuel. The cans and jerry cans in this category, which you can order online, are very strong and can hold several litres of liquid. So you can easily take a large quantity of diesel with you on a rally or just a small extra can of fuel for your karting day!

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Sale of petrol jerry cans

Fuel and water jerry cans at low prices on ORECA Store, a shop specialising in motor sports. We also sell hand-pumped jerry cans, which can be used for siphoning with a flow rate of 7.5L/min. Our steel or stainless steel jerry cans are treated against rust. Carry your fuel safely on the road with specially designed cans.

For those involved in the world of motorsport, the management of fuel storage and refuelling is of great importance. Ingenious and practical solutions are needed to obtain litres of petrol or diesel. These can include a filling can for diesel, a petrol jerry can or a special tank of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 litres. If you are looking for fuel cans or jerry cans (petrol, diesel, fuel oil, etc.) at low prices, ORECA Store will meet all your needs.

Filling cans and jerry cans for petrol: many uses

Petrol cans and jerry cans are reliable ways of storing litres of fuel in your motorsport workshop. You can store petrol or diesel fuel so that you can quickly fill up your car in your garage. Our petrol cans and jerry cans have a high quality hermetic seal, so they can perfectly secure your litres of fuel for a very long time.

By buying a jerry can, a petrol tank or a diesel can in stock at ORECA Store, you also optimise the storage and refuelling of your car during competition. These practical and mobile accessories improve the autonomy for fueling. You can carry several litres of petrol with you to avoid running out of fuel in competition. As an additional fuel tank, a 5-litre diesel canister or 10-litre petrol jerry can carried for a race or rally will bring more safety to the motorsport activity.

Our polyethylene or steel petrol jerry cans and cans are thus aimed at all profiles: amateur or professional motor sport enthusiasts, car and motorbike mechanics, and ordinary motorists. Thanks to his petrol jerry can or 10-litre diesel can, the car mechanic can easily help a customer who has run out of petrol and calls him in the middle of a remote area. In addition to the petrol jerry can, we also have a wide range of low-cost products in stock to improve the car mechanic's technical arsenal. These include mechanic's gloves for proper hand protection, radiation and splash goggles and safety clothing.

Buy a quality petrol jerry can at ORECA Store

Although jerry cans are mainly designed to hold litres of petrol, they can also be used to store and safely transport other kinds of liquids. In motor sports, for example, the jerry can is used to hold litres of water for food use. The canister can also hold any kind of lubricant, including motor oil. The jerry can is also used for storing and transporting fuel oil. Every fuel storage and refuelling product you find on our site is designed in strict compliance with the manufacturing standards in force.

We offer the affordable hand pumped petrol jerry can (7.5 litres per minute siphoning). This model of jerrycan allows you to easily refuel tanks that are difficult to access thanks to the pump. On our website you can find a jerrycan made of stainless steel or plastic (polyethylene). Both materials enhance the quality and durability of the product thanks to their exemplary physical and chemical properties.

The capacity of your jerrycan can range from 5 litres to 55 litres. Some models of jerry cans have a spout, a hose or a cap to avoid the loss of petrol or diesel when refuelling. Whether it's a diesel can or a petrol can, ORECA Store always offers you the best in the field of motorsports. We use well-known brands such as CEMO, NC, RedSpec or ATL whose products combine quality and attractive prices. For all your needs in diesel, fuel oil or petrol jerry cans, do not hesitate to trust us for a fast delivery of the products you want.