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Large selection of short spring kits for different car models. With Eibach, you can optimise your driving comfort thanks to the progressive operation of the system. Spring travel better adapted to the demands of motor sport. With the short springs installed on your car you will achieve a reasonable lowering of the centre of gravity of your car by 25 to 35 mm for a sportier driving behaviour and look!

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Sale of Eibach short springs

Short springs for motor racing. All the equipment for your sports car shock absorbers. Our competition springs are designed to be as light as possible. High precision, reliability and durability make these springs a perfect choice. Several diameters and lengths available. Tip: SKF thrust bearings are an indispensable addition to your suspension system. The quality of the steering depends partly on the good condition of the shock absorbers. You will find Golf 3, BMW, Polo, Clio, Fiat 500 etc. springs. Leading brands of car springs: Eibach short spring, Bilstein, Gaz Shocks. Increase your driving comfort with our car parts!

Springs, the key to automotive suspension

ORECA STORE offers you a wide range of springs, especially short springs, which are particularly suitable for motor racing. But what exactly are these parts used for?

Springs are part of a vehicle's suspension system, an essential function closely linked to shock absorbers. For the two play a complementary role. The whole purpose of a car's suspension is to maintain a stable link between the body and the road. The road can be littered with obstacles such as bumps, potholes, etc.

This is where the suspension springs come in. They will compress or relax, depending on the unevenness of the ground, in order to keep the wheels in contact with the ground. It is then up to the shock absorbers to smooth out the oscillations caused, in order to limit possible bouncing, which could lead to a loss of grip.

These components therefore play an important role in both driving comfort and safety. After all, keeping the wheels on the ground is of course essential for precise manoeuvring of the vehicle.

Short springs: what's the point?

In our shop you will find a specific type in this category: Eibach short springs. What is special about them?

As the name suggests, they are generally shorter than their conventional counterparts. And this property offers an interesting advantage: it allows the vehicle's centre of gravity to be lowered. In this way, the car becomes more responsive and agile when cornering, so that it can take perfectly controlled trajectories. In addition, such an installation helps to avoid the effects of roll, i.e. the lateral swaying experienced by a vehicle when cornering at high speed.

As you can see, these parts are primarily intended for motor sport enthusiasts. They give the driver greater control of his vehicle and help him to gain precious seconds, whether on the track or in a rally.

How to choose the right short springs for your car?

At ORECA STORE, we suggest you select your springs according to their main characteristics, including their diameter and length. You will also find a dimension called "setting", which corresponds to the stiffness of the component, which can be more or less flexible. If in doubt, please refer to your vehicle's service booklet or seek professional advice.

But to make it easier for you, we also indicate for each model which car it might be. In addition, we offer you the possibility to filter the search results according to the manufacturer: BMW, Citroën, Peugeot, Renault...

Reference brands in our catalogue

In addition, in order to offer you only quality products, we have chosen to do business with the best manufacturers. Among them, Eibach is one of the biggest international references in the field of suspension.

With almost 70 years of experience, the German brand has gradually become a key player in the world of motorsport. Its springs can be found in the most prestigious competitions, from Formula 1 to NASCAR to the World Rally Championship. And Eibach counts among its partners many of the world's most famous manufacturers: Ferrari, Porsche, Subaru, Audi, Lamborghini...