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Discover our selection of magnetic stopwatches and stopwatches with hands specially designed for motorsport. Ideal for the co-driver, to avoid clocking in early or late but also to time yourself in each special stage. You can buy your Alfano, Stilo, Sparco stopwatch or go directly to the Tripmaster of Terratrip brands. You will find in our stopwatch category all the equipment you need for your stopwatch to work properly.

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Chronometer for motor sport

Time your car races with stopwatches designed for motorsport! Terratrip, Alfano, Coralba, on-board stopwatches for karting, rallying, and circuit racing, and stopwatches with hands. Discover also our on-board cameras to film your races and improve your lap times ! You will find stopwatches with autonomous GPS display, Bluetooth and integrated graphic screen. And for the co-driver we also offer the Stilo stopwatch!

As all racing enthusiasts know, speed and precision are key elements in competition. That's why there is a wide range of stopwatches to measure lap times or to determine the winner. They are indispensable accessories for drivers, co-drivers and teams on the track. They allow to measure with a great precision the performances realized in order to improve them. Discover with ORECA Store the different types of stopwatches for car racing and how to use them!

Motorsport timers adapted to your needs

Whether it's rallying, circuit racing or karting, the best drivers are distinguished by the time they clock up. One second can make all the difference in a car race. Witnesses of the most beautiful records achieved in the world, the chronometers for car racing are more and more sophisticated. Indeed, over the years, the needs of drivers and circuit professionals in terms of timing have evolved.

Today, we have several timing systems, including implanted timing, which is used mainly in competitions. There is also on-board timing, which uses technologies such as GPS. Like the AIMdashboard, a digital display, this system allows you to see your performance in real time.

These systems have led to the manufacture of several types and brands of chronometers. These are either magnetic chronometers or chronometers with hands. We thus have on-board chronometers, portable chronometers and pilot watches. On the market, the major brands stand out for the quality of the chronometers they offer to pilots. Among them, we can mention the brands Alfano, Stilo, Sparco or Terratrip.

Operation of the stopwatches

From the simplest to the most complex, timing can be done in different ways. Manually, with a co-pilot watch, from an on-board video or automatically with software based on GPS technology. The on-board stopwatches are also automatically triggered. On a circuit, using a manual stopwatch requires the assistance of a co-driver or an observer to trigger it each time you pass. Some manual stopwatches allow you to memorize several lap times, such as the FASTIME 29 3-stroke manual stopwatch. Timing with an on-board video is a little more precise, but does not provide real time data.

The most accurate and practical system remains GPS timing. Thanks to specially designed software that can be used on portable devices, the margins of error are very small. This explains why most professionals prefer and use automatic stopwatches. They allow them to track their prowess and performance in real time and with precision. The AiM Solo 2 DL GPS stopwatch is one of the best in this category. This type of stopwatch shows you your time on the last lap and can also allow you to predict your time on the next lap. This prediction function is very useful in competition to make all the necessary adjustments until the last lap.

These stopwatches allow professionals not only to improve their driving technique, but also to make the necessary modifications to their vehicle. A stopwatch, whether manual or automatic, tells you how you drive. Choosing the right stopwatch can help make you a true champion.

Make the right choice

For optimal performance, the choice of the type of stopwatch and the associated equipment is very important. You must therefore opt for quality products that can reflect your prowess on the track with great accuracy. Some drivers even choose several types of timing at the same time so as not to leave any margin of error. These are combination kits like the Solo 2 DL + SmartyCam HD 2.1 67° + mounting bracket. That said, it is a choice that essentially takes into account the type of car racing. Some stopwatches are more adapted to Karting than to other types of car races for example. The choice of the stopwatch is also a question of taste. There are different shapes, colors, design and features.

On ORECA store, we offer you all categories of stopwatches for car racing from the most famous brands. There are some for all categories of races and for all tastes. We have a wide range of equipment to meet all your timing needs. Whether you are a professional or a simple amateur, you will find in our catalogue a stopwatch that suits your needs. Our specialists are at your disposal to guide you in your choice. On ORECA Store, we also propose you useful information and several other equipments of the motorsports universe. Take advantage of our promotions to offer you the best equipment at a lower cost!