Sports car lighting

The headlights are a real strategic equipment for competition cars. Indeed, they guarantee optimum visibility during the race for both the driver and co-driver, and make it easier to spot the vehicle when driving in extreme conditions (rain, fog, darkness). They are also the car's headlights that allow you to be spotted by other cars on the track.

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To help you find your way around, here is a guide to the lighting equipment you should have on your race car. In our online shop you will find various models from renowned brands such as Hella, Hemerra, Lazer Lamps, Wesem and Redspec.

The different types of lighting for competition cars

The headlights of racing cars must be equipped with powerful bulbs to ensure optimum visibility while driving. Here are the main types of racing car lighting.

LED bulbs

The use of LED bulbs is a revolution in the world of the automobile since it provides intelligent "lighting" for the vehicle. True high-tech equipment, LED lamps are equipped with sensors and enable the vehicle to analyse the road ahead and then adapt the headlight beam according to the information transmitted. If you want to opt for this type of lighting, it is important to know that the FFSA only authorises 6 additional conventional headlights on a competition vehicle, i.e. 24 LEDs in total, and more precisely 4 LEDs for a single headlight.

Xenon bulbs

Xenon bulbs, as their name suggests, are powered by the gas of the same name, which is also used in neon lighting. They have the advantage that they are so powerful that they can light up the circuit as if you were driving at night in daylight. This is due to the white, blue-tinged light they produce.

Thanks to their intensity, xenon bulbs are also perfect for use in rally competitions. Whether you are looking for complete xenon bulb kits or simply bulbs to be recessed into your headlamp ramps, you can find everything you need in our online shop.

The halogen lamp

The halogen lamp is the most widely used bulb for car headlights. It is a filament bulb that is illuminated by an electric current. This type of lamp is efficient, but has a relatively short lifespan because it is fragile.

Laser lamps

Laser is a technology that has recently been used in automotive lighting. The main characteristic of laser lamps is that they consume less current than LEDs and produce a light beam with a range of up to 600 metres! Thanks to its power, the laser bulb will soon make it possible to use smaller headlamps, without affecting their light intensity, for ever-higher racing performance.

Additional headlights

The additional headlights are so effective that they are no longer the prerogative of racing cars. Indeed, fans of "kite" cars and tuning do not hesitate to install them on their cars even when they are not used for racing. Nevertheless, the regulations are very strict in this respect and, most of the time, the installation of additional headlights is only authorised when the vehicle originally provides a place for them.

As far as the racing cars themselves are concerned, additional headlights are essential to ensure optimum visibility during night-time competitions and/or in bad weather. Additional headlights come in many types, the most popular of which are long-range halogen headlights, fog lights and LED headlights.

The fog lamp

The fog lamp is indispensable for racing cars, as it increases visibility in these particularly harsh conditions. This type of headlamp is particularly dazzling and ideal for ensuring optimum vision on the circuit. It is therefore imperative to equip your racing car with them if you want to set the best possible time on the circuit in complete safety.

In addition, fog lights are often equipped with halogen or xenon lamps. Take care to buy models that are approved and meet tightness standards.

The Wesem Xenon H3 fog lamp sold in our online shop, for example, fulfils all these criteria, as it has the European E20 approval and the IP55 sealing standard, which corresponds to perfect watertightness. With a power of 35 W and operating at temperatures between -40° and 100°C, this fog lamp is ideal for use in 4x4 competition vehicles.

Lighthouse ramps and attachments

The headlamp ramps and attachments are used to optimise the lighting of your racing car for night-time competition. The ramps are mounted directly on the bonnet of the car and can be sold in kit form for easy assembly. The headlights mounted on these ramps must also comply with a lighting standard set by the FFSA.

We offer you different models of headlamp ramps and in particular kits so that you can easily and quickly equip your racing car. In particular, we are planning models from the X-PRO range, which is specially designed for racing cars and guarantees the highest lumen/watt ratio for perfect lighting.

The HEMERA 180 W LED ramp kit, for example, has 12 long-range LEDs and 6 wide-view LEDs, but you can also find highly efficient laser lamp headlights with a beam that can be wider than that of the LEDs.

FIA rain lights

The installation of rain lights protects your vehicle from reverse polarity and power surges. These lights guarantee optimal visibility even in difficult conditions and will therefore be indispensable for your extreme races.
For your race car, you will have to choose those approved for use in competition by the MSA and FIA. At Oreca Store you will find
a whole range of Redspec
rain lights approved for use in single-seater cars.