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All fuel jerry cans can be found on our online shop Oreca-Store with a wide range of products for refuelling. During a motor sport competition, the assistance must be equipped with cans to refuel the vehicle. From petrol pumps to jerry cans, from filling cans to spouts, you will find a wide range of quality products approved to current standards for transporting fuel and refuelling all your motorised vehicles. Transport all the liquids needed for your car stand in complete safety. Moving flammable liquids requires ultra-secure containers, hence the need to use ADR-approved jerry cans.

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Sale of petrol jerry cans and car sport filling cans

For refuelling, buy a plastic, stainless steel or steel fuel can on! You will also find all the accessories and parts for petrol refuelling: high flow rotary petrol pump, fuel filling cans, petrol refuelling connectors, filling valves, filling meter. All these items will also allow you to store your fuel safely in your workshop. However, don't forget to keep a hand-held fire extinguisher close to your fuel cans. Also remember to label your cans. Flammable liquids should be handled with care and stored away from heat sources and in a ventilated area.

Details of the uses and specifications of our jerry cans

Our different containers can contain different liters of fuel with jerry cans 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, or 50 litres equipped with a spout for a better filling, you will find them in different materials such as stainless steel or plastic respecting the standards in force. Our double-valve refuelling cans are specially designed for motor racing. With ADR approval, the fuel jerry cans allow you to store your fuel safely and legally.

Motor sport filling cans

In motor sport, and especially in endurance racing, it is important to be able to refuel your vehicle quickly and easily, whether it is a car or a motorbike. This is achieved by using refuelling cans, which are often placed vertically above the tank to release the desired amount of fuel.

You can find at ORECA Store a wide range of fuel cans dedicated to motorsport. The ATL brand has designed fuel filler cans in different sizes to suit all uses. These cans are made of ultra-resistant polymer to withstand contact with the fuel and to avoid any leakage. These cans are sold with a valve, but you can also buy them elsewhere. You will need to add the canister holder, which is very useful for placing the canister.

Valves for petrol filling

To fill up with fuel accurately and without loss, choose Newton or ATL valves. The female valves sold on ORECA Store have been specifically designed for use in motorsport.