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Repair or replace engine parts, discs or brake pads for your Ford, to optimize the performance of your Ford. A wide range of car parts sold at low prices in our car parts shop for Ford Fiesta, Escort, Focus, Sierra, ... Parts for car racing, cockpit, car hoops, carburetor, bucket seat, steering wheel cheap! To order online Ford parts at low prices in our online store of car parts for Ford cars.

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Sale of Ford spare parts

Repair or replace engine parts, brake discs or brake pads on your Ford and boost its performance! A wide selection of spare parts on sale at great prices in our parts store, parts for Ford Fiesta, Escort, Focus, Sierra .... Motorsports parts, car interior, car roll cage, carburettor, race seats, affordable steering wheels ! Order FORD spare parts online, great prices available in our Ford spare parts webstore. Get unbeatable prices on Ford spare parts on Oreca-Store, with spare parts and tools for the repair of different Ford models. Change or replace engine parts or the clutch discs on your Ford. A wide selection of spare parts on sale at great prices in our Ford spare parts webstore. Words related to this page: Ford parts | Ford fiesta spare part | Ford brake | Ford Sierra spare part | Ford wheel | Ford engine parts

Ford brake pads

Brake pads are essential components of the braking system and contribute to the vehicle's handling. Installed in the calipers, they ensure friction with the discs, which allows the car to slow down and stop. We sell a variety of brake pads adapted to Ford vehicles: DS2500 brake pads for Ford Fiesta VI ST (128 HP) front, DS Performance brake pads for Audi A4 or Ford FOCUS II RS front, DSUno brake pads for Ford Escort IV or Sierra 4x4 rear... Whatever the model of your Ford, you will find, with us, the adapted brake pads.

Clutch discs

Make shifting gears easier by opting for a quality clutch disc. On our site, you will have no trouble finding the right one for your Ford car. We offer clutch discs for Ford Focus 2.0 RS, sintered damped discs for Ford Escort RS, sintered rigid discs for Ford Sierra... Some of our clutch discs are also suitable for MITSUBISHI Lancer Evo VII, PORSCHE 964 or 993, etc. Available to order, our clutch discs come mainly from the suppliers HELIX, SACHS PERFORMANCES, HELIX and REDSPEC.

Ford Shock Absorbers

You will also find front and rear shocks for all Ford models.

Front shock absorbers

Order your front shock absorbers on our online shop to get the best damping at the wheel of your Ford Escort, Capri, Fiesta, Sierra, Focus... Many right and left front shock absorbers of the Blistein brand are available from us. B8 or B6, they have been specially designed for intensive competitions. These shock absorbers guarantee an optimal absorption of shocks, even lateral, an excellent guidance of the front axle, an optimal maintenance of the grip on the ground of the vehicle.

Rear shock absorbers

We also sell a range of Blistein rear shock absorbers: B6, B8, threaded combination... They have been manufactured for motorsport. By choosing our shock absorbers, you will benefit from an excellent stability of the rear axle even on rough roads, an optimal maintenance of the grip on the ground and good performances for the rear suspensions, even in the worst conditions.


Connected to the exhaust manifold and air intake system, the turbocharger or turbocharger has a huge impact on the power, size and weight of the engine. They improve the combustion of the air-fuel mixture, which optimizes engine power and performance while reducing emissions of harmful substances. This improved combustion also significantly reduces fuel consumption on long journeys. Discover a wide range of blue turbo silicone hose kits with or without dump valve on our website. Our turbos come from the SAMCO brand and are available on order.

Pressure regulators

Fuel pressure regulators, also known as pressure regulators, are essential for maintaining optimum and constant fuel pressure in a vehicle. They can be coupled to a jar with a built-in fuel filter. Don't forget to change your vehicle's pressure regulator if you want to change its performance. We offer pressure regulators for Ford Escort Cosworth or XR2I or XR3I, for Ford Focus 1.6 or 1.8 or 2L and for Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 from NC.

Ford cylinder head gaskets

Cylinder head gaskets are among the most important and fragile parts of the engine. These particular gaskets contribute to the proper functioning of the engine. Their role is to ensure the management of combustions, continuity and the sealing of the circuits. They can become damaged and split over time, resulting in loss of coolant, loss of compression, and mixing of water and oil in the lubrication system.

Cylinders can also fill up with coolant due to a faulty gasket. To keep your Ford sports car running smoothly, maintain or optimize its performance, choose a dedicated and reliable cylinder head gasket. To order, our ATHENA cylinder head gaskets are available in different thicknesses (between 1 mm to 1.6 mm) and different bores (83∕ 84∕ 92.5 mm).

Many other Ford auto parts such as bumpers and cups, adjustable pulleys, mufflers, ASN approved roll bars, magnetic plugs, dump valves, intercoolers and exhaust lines are available from us. Place your order now.