Motorsports driver's gloves

Whether you are looking for lightweight, comfortable, high grip or vintage, FIA approved gloves, we offer a wide range of gloves for motorsport drivers. Many great drivers have opted for our professional glove models. You will find pairs of gloves made of Nomex for a high level of protection for your hands against fire and heat. Pre-formed fingers and palm to reduce fatigue while driving.

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Sale of racing driver gloves

To buy cheap pilot gloves trust !  FIA approved for motor racing: karting, rally, circuit. OMP, Sparco gloves, for the greatest pleasure of the racing driver. Choose the gloves which correspond to you according to the use you will make of them, whether for simple leisure or intensive use at professional level. You will find racing gloves in flashys colours to differentiate you from your competitors. And for fans of vintage cars, opt for Gulf gloves at a reduced price!

Whether you are a professional driver or simply an amateur racer, wearing driving gloves is essential when driving. This is for reasons of comfort but also and above all for safety. Vintage or modern gloves, FIA approved or not, preformed or not... Discover on a large choice of driving gloves of several different brands.

Driving gloves: a piece of equipment dedicated to safety, but not only for the...

Although motor sports, and particularly motor racing, are activities that provide a great deal of thrills and pleasure, they are not without risks. For a safe practice, it is strongly recommended and sometimes even compulsory to wear some essential protective equipment, notably driving gloves.

While all safety equipment (helmets, overalls, boots, etc.) is necessary, driving gloves are of particular importance as they protect the hands of the pilot. Indeed, they prevent or at least limit injuries in the event of accidents. They also optimise grip at the wheel, i.e. they improve the grip of the driver's hand at the wheel so that the driver has better control over his vehicle. They provide ideal grip and prevent hands from slipping on the steering wheel due to sweat. In addition, some models even protect against fire.

As well as providing protection, this type of equipment also offers a certain degree of comfort to the rider. Motorists who wear gloves keep their hands warm on cold days and limit the friction between them and the steering wheel, thus avoiding the appearance of roughness, calluses or even blisters.

Criteria for choosing a pair of driving gloves

Currently, you can find many models of driving gloves on the market. To choose the ones you need, you will have to take into account a few criteria:

  • Size: the gloves must fit snugly in your hands for optimal grip at the wheel. Wrong sized gloves can also interfere with your driving.
  • The tightening system: opt for gloves with a fastening system that does not impede blood circulation in your hands and wrist and that does not risk giving you cramps. For example, you can choose TECH-1 K Race V2 Alpinestars gloves if you prefer gloves with an elastic tightening system. However, if you prefer gloves with a velcro closure, turn to Tazio OMP gloves. Are you looking for a model that combines elastic and velcro fastening? Then the record Sparco karting gloves are just the thing for you.
  • The manufacturing material: Generally speaking, leather and Nomex (a high-performance synthetic fibre) are the main materials used to make driving gloves. Opt for the material that matches the surface of your steering wheel and ensures excellent dexterity.
  • The discipline you practice: if you plan to take part in a competition, you must choose FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) approved gloves. If you drive a historic vehicle, vintage gloves such as FIA Dijon OMP gloves will be the most suitable.

Of course, your budget will also have to be taken into consideration, because while some models are available for less than €20, others can cost several hundred euros. Quality comes at a price. : the ideal address to find the driving gloves you need

Whatever your needs but also your budget in terms of driving gloves, you are sure to find what you need on, your online shop specialising in the sale of motor sport equipment. You'll find about sixty different models in a wide range of sizes. Our brand offers you products from the most recognised brands in the field today, namely Alpinestars, OMP, OMP Sport, R.S Performance, Sparco and Turn One.

Are you a professional pilot and regularly take part in competitions? We provide you with several models of FIA-approved driving gloves, including the FIA OMP Sport gloves.

If you only occasionally drive for fun, we suggest for example the Tide KG-9 gloves from Sparco. These gloves do not have FIA approval, but they offer you all the protection and comfort you need to drive.