Motorsport Headlight railing

For optimal lighting during night driving in a car competition, we have selected a range of headlamp ramps to be fixed on the bonnet of your car. You will be able to insert 4 xenon or halogen lights for an exceptional brightness. We have put together a wide range of headlamp ramps to suit many different types and models of vehicle. So you can see as if in daylight, or almost!

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Sale of headlamp ramps

Find your headlight ramp to install on a rally car on, specialist in the sale of car parts for rallying and track days. Optimize the lighting of your car by adding a headlight ramp on the front of the bonnet of your car. Our bonnet ramps are available in a range of drillings, you can then choose your halogen or xenon kit. Headlamp ramps are available from stock or to order.

Headlamp ramp: optimised lighting for rallying

If you are a motorsport enthusiast, you know better than anyone: visibility is essential in a race. Because in order to adopt the best trajectories and make the right decisions, you need to have a clear view of the road. And this is also true at night or when the weather conditions deteriorate.

Unfortunately, the car's headlights are not always sufficient to provide sufficient illumination. This is where headlamp ramps come into play, as they allow the addition of lights to a vehicle. These devices are therefore particularly suitable for motor racing, especially rallying, for optimum visibility, even at night.

The two main types of headlamp ramps

There are generally two types of headlamp, with radically different properties.

Classic headlamp ramps

The former are made of fibreglass and usually have four holes. These holes are designed to hold the lights, which are not supplied with the ramp. In this case, it is therefore necessary to purchase additional headlights. You can choose between two technologies: halogen or xenon, the latter offering the greater luminosity. But you also need to make sure that you select the right size parts to fit your ramp.

It should also be noted that each classic item is always model-specific. It has to fit the shape of the car's bonnet perfectly. To help you understand this, we have listed the car(s) to which it can be fitted for each product.

If you want to fit the accessory yourself, we recommend that you follow the steps in our guide to fitting a headlamp ramp to a Renault 4L. However, if you're worried that you won't be able to do it successfully, don't hesitate to take your vehicle to a professional garage.

LED headlight strips

But in recent years, a new technology has emerged: LED headlight strips. As the name suggests, these are based on light-emitting diodes, which provide excellent visibility at night. So, as you can see, if you opt for this product, you won't need to buy additional headlights. These components are more suitable for modern cars, but can be adapted to a large number of bonnets.

In our catalogue, the articles in this category are from the manufacturer Lazer Lamps. And this choice was not made at random: the British company is one of the market leaders in the field of automotive lighting.

Accessories for easy assembly and transport

At ORECA STORE, you will also find a range of accessories to accompany your headlamp. You can, for example, buy bolts, which allow you to quickly fix a classic equipment.

If you have opted for the LED version, you can combine two of the same type, for more luminosity, thanks to the fixing kit sold in our shop. You can also add a yellow filter to your ramp, in order to obtain a better visibility, especially in case of rain, snow or fog.

Finally, to easily transport your component, we offer a storage bag, padded and specifically designed for this purpose.

The best equipment at the best price on ORECA STORE

Our catalogue contains a wide range of headlamp ramps, for perfect visibility during your rallies. Several ranges are available, and prices vary depending on your car model and lighting needs. Select the right item for your vehicle and win your next night car race!