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Buy your Seat Leon or Ibiza engine parts, brake disc, to optimize your car performance. A large choice of car parts to buy at discounted prices on our car parts shop for Seat cars. Oreca-Store specialist in online sales of mechanical parts for competition vehicles, Seat spare parts, steering wheel hubs, NGK spark plugs, ignition harness, sport steering wheel, exhaust collar. Find specific parts for a Seat sports car.  Motorsport products, wheel studs, shocks, exhaust, electrical, lighting, group N line. To buy and repair at low prices parts essential to the proper functioning of your race car. In order to find Seat parts at the best price, offers you parts and tools for the repair of a Seat for different types of models. Change or replace engine parts, clutch mechanisms, brake hoses, of your Seat.

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Seat cars are known for being both fun to drive and featuring modern technology, all at an affordable price. At Oreca Store you will find a wide range of spare parts from the Spanish car manufacturer SEAT to pamper your vehicle. We offer you hundreds of references to repair, equip or optimise your car. Big brake kit, shock absorbers, air intake, turbo, brake pads, regulators... Find the Seat spare part you need at the best price on our site.

A short history of the Seat car brand

The Spanish brand is based in Barcelona. It was founded in 1950 by the National Institute of Industry. The brand's first car was launched in 1953. Its best-selling model for several decades in Spain was born four years later: the SEAT 600.

After its domestic success, the brand began to expand production and export its models from 1965. In 1974, it ranked eighth among European car manufacturers in terms of the number of vehicles designed.

After some thirty collaborations with Fiat, SEAT has continued its activities with the Volkswagen Group until today. It offers various vehicle models, ranging from sedans to station wagons, crossovers and hatchbacks. Its sports cars are also recognized through world championships.

SEAT vehicles offer many advantages to their owners, including their handling, dynamic performance, solidity and ease of maintenance. The brand's cars are also appreciated for their affordable price, quality design and excellent finish.

Seat models are also very well equipped. Nevertheless, with wear and tear, it may be necessary to change the cruise control and distance control, the tire pressure sensor or the airbags, equipment that promotes the comfort and safety of both driver and passengers. Word angle and side obstacle detection alerts, traffic jam assistance system... everything has been thought of to ensure a reliable drive.

They also allow you to enjoy comfortable and spacious interiors, with finishes that are always stylish and of high quality.

Hundreds of spare parts on Oreca Store

With time and use, every car needs an overhaul and sometimes repairs. This often involves changing certain components. At Oreca Store, you will find original Seat spare parts of excellent quality to quickly restore your vehicle's proper functioning and to prevent problems from occurring again.

We offer a very wide range of Seat products to support the durability of your vehicle. You can find classic Seat wear parts such as spark plugs, brake and clutch components that need to be replaced regularly, depending on the age of the vehicle. We also offer you exhaust system components, bodywork and electrical system parts, whose damage could lead to breakdowns and which must be replaced quickly.

On our website you will find Seat spare parts for common problems with the brand's cars, despite their solidity, such as loss of engine and transmission oil, bulb wear, problems with axle springs and shock absorbers.

Seat models manufactured before 2006 are also known to have faulty turbochargers. Even the most popular models, such as the Ibiza, can have problems with the exhaust system as well as the electronics. The family model Alhambra is also known for early wear of the brake pads and discs.

Find Seat spare parts quickly and at great prices

It is possible to find parts at dealerships, but they will be expensive. To take advantage of ultra-reasonable prices, without compromising on quality, there's no need to look far. At Oreca Store, we offer you all the parts in the Seat range at affordable prices.

Once you have found the model you are looking for, simply place your order and we will ship it to your home.

You'll also save time, as you'll quickly find the reliable, high quality spare parts you need for the entire Seat range on our site at competitive prices. Just go to the category you are looking for, enter a price range and you are done! Our knowledgeable staff will also be able to answer your questions and advise you on making the right choices.