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Sale of car parts for Renault CLIO 2

Find your Renault CLIO 2 spare parts to buy on Oreca-Store ! The specialist in the sale of car sport parts at low prices!

The serious practice of any motor sport, whether at amateur or professional level, requires a car in good condition and quality equipment. In addition to being a guarantee of safety, it is a guarantee of performance. To support drivers, ORECA STORE has been offering spare parts from the biggest car brands, such as Renault, for several years. Find in our catalogue everything you need to repair or optimise your Renault Clio 2.

High-quality rims

Rims are one of the most important parts of a car. Usually made of metal, they ensure that the tyres grip the road well. If a racing car has good quality rims, the driver's chances of winning are greatly increased. Conversely, poor quality or too small rims can make it difficult for the driver to win, even if he or she is in control of the vehicle.

To help you prepare for your next race, ORECA STORE offers a wide range of SPEEDLINE aluminium rims. This manufacturer is world-renowned for the quality of its rims, designed with state-of-the-art technology.

The SPEEDLINE CORSE models we offer have already proven themselves in the world of motor sports, with almost 68 world championship titles. So you can use them to effectively optimise the handling and overall performance of your racing car.

Would you rather change the exterior of your Clio 2 with new, more aesthetically pleasing rims? You don't have to worry about that. Our rims come in a variety of colours (silver, gold, white) for you to choose from according to your preferences.

Improved brake pads for better driving

During a car race, the quality of the brake pads has a great influence on the driver's driving feeling. Good brake pads ensure better control of the vehicle and allow the driver to approach each stage of the race with confidence.

On the other hand, poor quality or unsuitable pads can reduce braking performance and cause the discs to overheat. This can be very dangerous for the driver when cornering and overtaking.

So how do you make the right choice? In general, brake pads suitable for sports use should have :

A ceramic structure (or combined with other materials such as graphite, iron and copper);
An operating temperature that exceeds 400 degrees;
A coefficient of friction of at least 0.4;
ECE R90 approval (the latest European standard for automotive safety).

At ORECA STORE you can find high quality brake pads that meet all these criteria. In addition to their high performance, our parts are specially designed to provide a good driving feel. They are characterised by a clean and controllable braking action.

Many improvements have been made by the manufacturers to offer very low noise and wear levels. No matter how often you drive, you can choose your brake pads from our extensive catalogue for more confidence when driving your Renault Clio 2. We offer them in many versions adapted to the different motorsport disciplines. The brands we sell (FERODO, MERSEN) are among the best in the world in their fields.

A wide range of roll bars for drivers

Roll bars are metal rods that are welded to certain areas of the body of a sports car and serve to strengthen it. They are part of the safety equipment required for professional motor sport.

In addition to providing protection for the driver and co-driver in the event of an accident, roll bars also help to improve road holding. They allow the amateur or professional driver to better control his car, especially when cornering.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, you will find in the ORECA STORE catalogue top-of-the-range roll bars to suitably equip your Renault Clio 2. The models we offer guarantee very high performance in terms of safety and stability. They are available in several forms depending on the type of approval required (FIA, ASN) and the method of assembly (welding, bolting).

In addition to roll bars, we also have spark plugs, track wideners, window kits, clutch discs, replacement filters and many other technical parts for the organs of a Clio 2.

Feel free to browse our catalogue to discover the wide range of items on offer. The ORECA STORE Team is waiting for you!

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