Brake hoses

We offer our range of brake hose kits assembled and ready to fit to your vehicle. These hose kits consist of two, four or six hoses that will eliminate the expansion of the standard hoses and give you a better pedal feel. Shock and wear resistant, these kits will help keep your braking system safe and efficient. Over 150 vehicle assignments in modern and VH!

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Sale of brake hoses

Aviation hose kits consisting of 2, 4 or 6 hoses assembled and ready to fit for your racing vehicle. Shock and wear resistant, the approved brake hose kits will contribute to the safety and efficiency of your braking system. These aviation type brake hoses are fitted in place of the original. You can add colour protection to your brake hoses on request.

What are brake hoses used for?

Brake hoses have a real driving role in your braking system as they are used to conduct brake fluid from the master cylinder to the slave cylinders and calipers. They are therefore responsible for communicating the rider's braking control and ensuring the proper circulation of brake fluid.

Why change my brake hoses?

Brake hoses are responsible for carrying brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers and play a vital role in ensuring that the braking system works properly. If your brake hoses were to break, you would be unable to brake. It is therefore advisable to buy strong brake hoses, especially for sports cars, so that your hoses are not damaged by heat and/or impacts.

Goodridge brake hoses compatible with many brands

Goodridge offers good quality, reliable brake hoses to ensure that braking is transmitted from the pedal control to the caliper action. Whatever your vehicle, you will find a compatible brake hose model at Goodridge. The brand offers hoses compatible with Volkswagen, Porsche, Ford, Opel, Peugeot... Within these families of brands, you can find the model that is perfectly suited to your model by browsing the product sheets or by using the vehicle search.