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Whether you are looking for a fuel pump for a historic vehicle or for a sports car, Oreca-Store.com offers you a wide range of products. Bosch high-pressure pump, FACET self-regulating pump, in stock or on order, we try to meet all requests. We offer a wide range of products to suit the most famous sports car brands: BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Subaru. The pumps known as "high flow" have a flow rate of approximately 255 L/h, which is an increase of 25 to 40% compared to the original pumps. Ideal for large engine preparations. Easy to install in place of the original.

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Sale of petrol pumps

Dedicated to old cars as well as to sports car engines, our high flow or self-regulating pumps are reliable and of excellent quality!  A large choice IN STOCK or on order. Discover in particular the FACET pumps, a must for historic vehicles to buy at the best price on the Oreca-Store.com online shop. You will find high pressure fuel pumps specific to injection engines. Discover also on our blog the tutorial to know how to mount a fuel pump on your vehicle. The fuel pump is a vital element in competition. It is essential to ensure its reliability and flow rate to take full advantage of your engine's capabilities.

Two proven manufacturers

Find the best fuel pump references in the ORECA STORE catalogue. The replacement of this car part will ensure better performance in competition, on the track or during a rally. But the models we present to you can also be used by private individuals for their vehicle.

And to make sure you don't make a mistake, it's best to call on the experts. This is why we have chosen to list two brands that are unavoidable on the market. The first is Bosch, a German manufacturer of great reliability. The second will certainly speak to mechanical enthusiasts: Facet, an Italian manufacturer of innovative car parts since 1946.

What is a petrol pump for?

But let's go back to the beginning: what is a fuel pump? Within the fuel system of a vehicle, this part plays an essential role. It is responsible for extracting fuel from the tank and sending it to the carburettor. The carburettor will also take in air, which will mix with the fuel to feed the engine.

Crucial as it is, this component can regularly fail, resulting in impaired engine performance. In addition, for motorsport, the car's original design may not be sufficient to provide the best performance.

The benefits of replacing your petrol pump with a more efficient model

For example, if you want better acceleration during a race, you need to feed more fuel to the carburettor. This is why it is important to use a high flow fuel pump, which can extract more fuel from the tank.

But that's not the only benefit of changing this component. For example, if you opt for a transistorised Facet electric pump, you will be free from the limitations associated with mechanical pumps. Firstly, mechanical pumps are more prone to wear and tear and therefore to failure. In addition, the Facet pump offers great stability in the flow of fuel, whatever the conditions. This is an advantage that will prove decisive in car racing, especially in rallying. Finally, the use of such a part makes it possible to limit the phenomenon known as "vapor lock". This phenomenon, which corresponds to the formation of fuel vapour in the supply circuit, is greatly reduced by the constant flow rate provided by the electric pump.

How to proceed?

The good news is that you can change the part yourself. However, there are a few basic precautions you should take. Firstly, remember that you will be near a lot of petrol. Therefore, avoid at all costs working near a heat source or anything that could create a flame or sparks. Similarly, choose a place that is well ventilated and not in direct sunlight: petrol fumes can be toxic.

Once you have taken these steps, you can start the manipulations. On our blog, we have detailed all the steps to follow. The tools needed for this operation are relatively standard and, to make life easier, you can order a fuel pump replacement kit directly from our online shop.

But beware: this operation requires a certain amount of skill and technical competence. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to entrust your car to a professional car mechanic.

How to choose your petrol pump?

As already mentioned, there are several types of pumps. These correspond to different uses, but the choice will also depend on your vehicle. For example, in the case of high-flow petrol pumps, we will always tell you which model the product is intended for: Honda, Mazda, Toyota, etc. This way you can be sure that you are choosing the right component for your car.

Our catalogue also includes Bosch high-pressure pumps. These should only be fitted to vehicles with fuel injection engines.

Conversely, Facet self-regulating pumps will be able to be used on more models, from sports cars to historic vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery.