Stainless steel and steel exhaust system for motorsports

Upgrade your vehicle's exhaust system!

The exhaust of the engine gases of your vehicle must be carried out in the best conditions to bring you a gain of power. You will find all the spare parts for the exhaust of sports cars and competition vehicles. The stainless steel and steel exhaust lines Group N and Group A will allow you to optimize the weight of your car and the evacuation of the gases. You will find all the necessary car parts to improve your exhaust system.

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    Sale of stainless steel and steel tailpipes

    For racing drivers or car racing enthusiasts, parts for car exhaust of professional quality: group N line ideal for car racing, african tube, catalytic converters, exhaust line. The best accessories and car parts to allow you to achieve the best times, on track as on road! You will find your stainless steel line or steel line at the best price on our online shop. Find your car exhaust line for Clio RS, Peugeot 106, Citroën, BMW, Ford, etc. Many references are available! Sport exhaust lines are essential in sports competition, made of high quality materials allowing a significant gain in power and torque. Contact our salesmen for information on our different lines of complete stainless steel or steel exhaust pipes.


    Group N and A lines

    Group N lines: for manufacturers looking for power and weight. Developed directly on rally vehicles, which allows maximum power and sound.

    Group A line: same characteristics as group N, but the diameter of the line and the silencer is much larger: deafening noise guaranteed!


    Exhaust regulation

    According to the DRIRE, "All motor vehicles must comply with the noise level limits set by the Highway Code and the 1972 order on motor vehicle noise."


    How to maintain your exhaust system?

    It is important to check your line yourself because there is no technological indicator on your vehicle to show its working condition. Fortunately the control of your exhaust system can be done easily by observing if your engine consumes more or if it misfires. The causes of these problems are to be found around the lambda sensor or a malfunction of the filters or spark plugs. An unusual sound would indicate a punctured exhaust system. It can be clogged and does not need to be replaced.

    Maintaining your muffler line is to anticipate corrosion that could perforate the pipe, so watch for corrosion on the pipe. Anti-rust products exist and allow to answer our problem. Especially if you live near the sea or in an area where the roads are sandy your exhaust lines will be even more subject to corrosion.

    The catalytic converter of your line is protected and does not require your intervention for its maintenance. Its life span is linked to the general maintenance of the engine. The lambda sensor must be changed when the catalytic converter is replaced.

    The particulate filter with additive can be recharged with serine to be injected at regular intervals (FAP PSA).


    How to clean your car exhaust?

    To proceed to the good cleaning of its exhaust pipe it is necessary to know the nature of the matter which clogs it in order to use the adapted solution.

    The inside of the exhaust pipes can be soiled by nitrogen, usually in small quantities and mixed with other soiling pollutants. The nitrogen will leave with the cleaning of the other substances. Water vapour is another source of exhaust fouling, it is responsible for mineral deposits and rust. The clay bar can be used to remove it. Thirdly, there is carbon dioxide, which is very soluble and can be removed with any cleaner. The very dirty hydrocarbons are insoluble, it can be dissolved by turpentine, with diesel, isopropyl alcohol or benzene. The fifth substance to remove from your exhaust system is nitrogen oxide! Just like carbon dioxide, you can get rid of it by taking care of the other pollutants. Finally, soot can be removed like hydrocarbons with turpentine, diesel, isopropyl alcohol or benzene.

    An overall solution is to use a combination of non-polarizing alkaline liquids. To do this, spray the liquid inside the pot, brush the inside and dry with a cloth. After cleaning the bulk of it a degreaser or APC can be used for the most persistent dirt.


    How to change your exhaust, pipes, muffler, car line?

    Changing your exhaust system yourself can be done in simple steps that require lifting the vehicle. Also, make sure you have the right protective equipment. Lift your car with a jack and place it on a stand. Then dismantle the assembly clamps and use a degreaser if necessary. The objective is to separate the pot you are going to change with the rest of the line. After scraping off the rust, place the new pot on the line by applying a little silicone grease. Insert the pot and hang it in the suspension blocks which you also need to grease. Afterwards, attach the clamp at the junction. We recommend to change the clamps and the rubber suspension blocks at the same time.


    Which brand of exhaust system to choose?

    On your Oreca Store you will find the best brands of stainless steel exhaust systems and steel exhaust systems such as :


    How to choose your brand of stainless steel exhaust line?

    The sound is a distinctive element between the brands that can help the buyer to decide. From a performance perspective, it is the sport catalytic converter that can provide a power boost even if the price will be higher. Choosing a good exhaust system from the above brands will help you improve your vehicle's fuel economy and performance, provided you install the right muffler. Always check before buying a line its compatibility with your car model, year, engine. The mounting brackets must also be adapted to your vehicle.


    How to buy a cheap car exhaust system ?

    At Oreca Store our team offers you the best brands on the market at the best price! Thanks to its experience in the motorsport sector, Oreca Store is the partner you can trust for your online purchases, with guaranteed follow-up by motorsport specialists.