PEUGEOT 205 spare parts

A large number of spare parts on sale for Peugeot 205: brakes, brake discs, silent blocks, hoses... everything you need to push your Peugeot 205 to its limits. A wide range of parts and accessories for motorsport on sale at low prices to develop the performance of your 205.

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Sale of 205 Peugeot spare parts

Find your Peugeot 205 spare parts to buy on Oreca-Store ! The specialist in the sale of motorsport parts at low prices!
If you want to transform your 205 for racing, or simply to improve its performance, we offer you parts and accessories specially designed to be fitted to a 205 type car. Many parts in stock and available quickly for delivery in 48 hours. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced driver, you will find the best equipment to pamper your Peugeot 205 GTi or 205 Rallye. Oreca Store, supplier of car parts for sports cars and racing cars, provides you with 205 GTi or 205 Rallye parts for various models!

The Peugeot 205 GTi is one of the most emblematic vehicles in motor sport. It is not new, as it was first put on the road in 1982. It took barely two years for it to become the darling of aficionados of small high-performance sports cars and to become the best-selling car in France.

It did not take long for it to be noticed in the world of motor sports when the 205 Turbo 16 with 200hp appeared.

The high point of its success was in 1986 when the 205 GTi 1.9L was launched and shook up the motor racing scene. The agile chassis, handling, power-to-weight ratio... are all assets that keep many enthusiasts buying the 205 GTi today.

Whether you want to race or improve the performance of your 205, get all your parts from Oreca Store.

Parts to prepare your 205 GTi for competition

The Peugeot 205 is an excellent choice for racing. But in order for it to be up to such a challenge, it needs to be equipped with the best parts. You can buy everything you need from our online shop. Whether it's accessories for the passenger compartment, such as roll bars or crankcase guards, or the essentials for the ground connection: silent block, anti-lock bar, shock absorber, etc. Oreca Store has all the necessary equipment available.

In our catalogue you will find all the brake parts you need to optimise your brakes: brake discs, brake pads, etc., as well as tyre parts such as rims and transmission parts: clutch release bearing, clutch disc and even complete clutch mechanisms.

Many other accessories and mechanical parts specially designed to be mounted on a 205 are available in our catalogue: spark plugs, headlight ramps, forged piston kits, connecting rod screw kits, mirrors, etc. All our models are from quality brands and can be ordered or purchased directly from our online shop.

Since the parts you need will also depend on the discipline you plan to practice with your car (rally, circuit, auto-cross), it is very important to be well informed on this point. You can ask our expert sales staff to help you find out which parts are useful and what the best choices are.

Parts to boost the performance of your Peugeot 205 GTi

You don't have to be a racing driver to enjoy the full power of your 205 GTi. You can just as easily do it for the pleasure of driving a high-performance car, especially since some parts are very affordable.

We also offer a wide range of accessories to enhance the performance of your little racer. By purchasing from our online shop, you can be sure to find quality parts that comply with the standards of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile.

Whether your project is to change your car's turbocharger and air filter, or to add an air intake kit, you will find all the parts you need. To boost your 205, you can for example lighten its weight by improving its exhaust system and therefore change the parts.

Other parts are also available for your various modifications: steel decatalysts, cooling accessories, pressure regulators, air boxes, exhaust lines, air filters, etc.

Maintaining your Peugeot 205 with spare parts

A car that runs like new is a well-maintained vehicle. It is very important that you check your car often and that you carry out the usual checks on the brakes, engine, tyres, etc. This will be all the more important if you compete with your car.

Indeed, these parts are worn out very quickly by the speed, the sudden braking and the various manoeuvres that you carry out when you drive your 205 GTi at high speed over more or less uneven terrain. Not to mention the engine, which is very quickly worn out!

In addition to the various checks, it will not be uncommon to have to change certain parts of your vehicle when they are damaged to prevent it from being immobilised or, even worse, from suffering an accident.

Here again, Oreca Store has thought of everything, as we offer all kinds of approved spare parts for the Peugeot 205 GTi: springs, dampers, silencers, decatalysts, mirrors, reference spark plugs, replacement filters, screws, etc.

All our spare parts are perfectly compatible with your 205 and are offered at an attractive price to guarantee you the best performance with your car.

See also our spare parts for Peugeot 206.