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Motor sport brake discs

Time to change the brake discs? Our brake discs have been selected for sporty braking to give you the best performance and long life. We offer you a very large choice of Gr N discs and drilled grooved discs according to your needs on the road. In order to brake in the best conditions never neglect your braking system. Remember to check your brake discs to see if they are: rubbed, worn, blue, cracked, broken or warped. Ideal for rally use (Gr.N range only), in trackday or on your everyday car. Numerous assignments available!

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Sale of brake discs for motor racing

To buy your brake discs at the best price ORECA Store offers you a whole range of grooved brake discs drilled in the front and rear for many motor sport vehicles! Optimise your braking for your rally and circuit races! Discover also all our brake pads and big brake kits to buy on our online shop! Don't forget to contact our sales staff if you have any doubts about changing your brake discs, they will be able to give you an estimate for discs and pads. Spare parts for sports braking for more competitive driving.


The best equipment for sporty braking in competition

For optimised braking on all types of terrain, ORECA STORE offers you a wide variety of brake discs for your competitions (Rally, circuit...). In our catalogue, you will have access to reference brands such as RedSpec, Renault Sport (R.S.) Performance, or EBC Brakes.

While some models are also suitable for everyday use on the road, others are exclusively dedicated to competition. You will find brake discs for sports cars, on racetracks, but also others more suitable for rallying. However, the idea remains the same: to guarantee optimum performance in racing.


Brake discs: how does it work?

Brake discs are an essential part of the rider's safety. Their role is of course to ensure that the vehicle brakes and stops under all circumstances. Hence the importance of not skimping on the quality of the equipment used.

A closer look at such a braking system reveals that it is made up of several components. In addition to the discs, there are also brake pads, which are held in calipers. When a driver depresses the brake pedal, pistons push these pads against the discs. This creates friction, which causes the wheels, and therefore the vehicle, to slow down gradually. The advantage of this mechanism is that it gives the driver optimum control and a high level of braking power.


How to choose your brake discs?

At ORECA STORE, you will find products that vary in thickness, diameter, etc. But you will also have the choice between several categories.

These include the drilled grooved discs, which are ideal for motor sport. Because the holes make it easier to cool the workpiece when the temperature rises (due to friction). The grooves allow the surface of the inserts to be continuously cleaned, which reduces wear.

In addition, you can opt for Gr. N discs (Group N). These are distinguished, in their manufacture, by a special heat treatment and a specific machining process. This enables them to provide powerful braking and better resistance to high temperatures.

But how do you find your way around this vast catalogue? Feel free to rely on the product descriptions. These usually include information on the cars that are suitable for the items in question. If you have any doubts, you can also call in a professional mechanic, who will be able to help you find your way around.


When should you change your sport brake discs?

Given the function performed by the brake discs, it is crucial to monitor their condition. If they are damaged, the safety of the driver is no longer fully guaranteed.

And due to friction against the pads, the discs tend to become thinner. Below a certain threshold (usually indicated by the manufacturer), this can greatly influence the performance of the component. In this case, it is therefore strongly recommended to replace them.

Similarly, other signs may be indicative of disc wear. In particular, the discs may show scratches, cracks or deformation (warping). Once again, if such anomalies are found, it is advisable to change these elements quickly. And in general, it is best to take the opportunity to replace the inserts as well.

You can learn how to perform these manipulations yourself, for example by following this tutorial. But be careful: the manoeuvres described require a certain amount of skill and are decisive for the driver's safety. If you are not sure that you have mastered the correct gestures, do not hesitate to ask a professional to carry out the operation.

Finally, after mounting new discs and inserts, it is necessary to respect a running-in phase. During this period, the duration of which depends on the product chosen, it is generally necessary to avoid abrupt and prolonged braking, otherwise the material will heat up. Moreover, during this phase, the efficiency of the system may be somewhat impaired. It is therefore advisable to extend its safety distances.


Quality at the best price on ORECA STORE for your sport brake discs

Whether you opt for rally brake discs or simply to equip your everyday car, you will benefit from the best prices on our site. All ranges are offered, from the most affordable to the most sophisticated items for competition. What's more, with the ORECA Premium service, you can receive your product in just 24 hours, free of charge.

And if you prefer to have the installation carried out by a professional, you can call in the ORECA experts. You will then receive an estimate including the material and the installation carried out by an experienced technician.