Automotive fire extinguishers

Indispensable to avoid fires in motor racing, rally and circuit racing, fire extinguishers are one of the most important safety elements in motor sport. ORECA Store offers a wide range of fire extinguishers and accessories specially dedicated to motorsport: FIA approved steel and aluminium fire extinguishers, ultra light and compact automatic electric fire extinguisher kits for saloon cars or single-seaters, spare parts necessary for the proper functioning and maintenance of your fire extinguishers... ORECA Store offers you the best in safety to intervene quickly in the event of a fire in the car's interior.

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Sale of fire extinguishers for rally cars

Secure your racing car against fire with an automatic fire extinguisher on sale at low price on Large choice of car fire extinguishers for racing cars and sports cars. The safety of the driver and co-driver is an element not to be neglected! The automatic fire extinguisher is one of the essential pieces of equipment for fire safety in motor sport. Our selection offers you: car extinguisher, car extinguisher, rally extinguisher, 1kg and 2kg automatic extinguisher, rally extinguisher. A purchase that is often compulsory and above all indispensable to quickly extinguish the start of a fire in the passenger compartment of your car in the event of an accident.

How to use a car extinguisher?

If you see thick black smoke coming out of your vehicle's engine, do not open the bonnet, as the fire may intensify as a result of the oxygen that the engine's ventilation will provide. The best thing to do is to take your fire extinguisher and use it as quickly as possible on the area concerned. Shake or turn the extinguisher over, then remove the pin and press the handle(s), pointing the extinguisher towards the base of the fire and not the top of the flames. To be ready for the big day, try it first!

Is it compulsory to have a fire extinguisher in your car?

For the same reason as a fire extinguisher dedicated to the house, the car extinguisher, as much the small extinguisher as the big extinguisher has for role to suffocate a fire by acting on the fuel. In an ageing global car fleet, the purchase of a safety extinguisher for one's car is becoming more and more of a necessity, as the risks of overheating, leaks and fires are all the more numerous in vehicles that are more than a decade old. These vehicles are also less covered by insurance and having a fire extinguisher inside your vehicle can help avoid a tragedy and everything burning. It is also necessary on the side of the racetrack to intervene in the event of a fire.

But is a car fire really that common?

Although there are few statistics on car fires, tragedy happens more often than you might think. There are many reasons for this: a punctured hose, overheating, a cigarette butt or an accident - it is better to be prepared for any eventuality.

Regulations and standards for car fire extinguishers

According to French regulations, it is not compulsory to have a fire extinguisher in the car, but it is more a matter of good conscience and reason for each motorist. In fact, in 2019, there is no law that obliges motorists to have a fire extinguisher in the boot of their vehicle. But the regulations are evolving in the direction of reason and may evolve in the years to come, starting perhaps with an obligation on vehicles most likely to start a fire.

What are the different classes of car fires?

In fire safety, there are six types of fire that must be known and identified in order to fight them effectively.


  • - Class A: fires on solid materials such as plastic, wood, paper, the floor of your car.
  • - Class B: Fires involving liquid materials such as petrol and diesel. This is the most common type of vehicle fire.
  • - Class C: Class C fires concern cars powered by gas, butane or propane
  • - Class D: Fires on metals
  • - Class E: Electrical fires
  • - Class F: Fires on oils and greases

The classes make it possible to determine which extinguisher is intended for which type of car fire. Class A, B and C fires are the most common.

What are the different types of fire extinguishers for his car?

Extinguishers contain a pressurised fluid, the pressure gauge on the extinguisher specifies the pressure of the container. The pressurised fluid varies according to the extinguisher and can be water, gas, powder or foam.

We will classify these extinguishers below:

  • - Water-based extinguisher: the most common type of extinguisher is water with additives to fight Class A and B fires
  • - Dry chemical fire extinguishers: For Class A, B, C and F fires; the dry chemical smothers the fuel
  • - Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers: they have the particularity of fighting any type of fire by projecting carbon dioxide snow onto the fuel
  • - Foam fire extinguisher: ideal for class A and B fires, it is very effective in preventing reigniting.

Several brands exist on the market and are all available at Oreca Store: LifelineOMP,RESPECand Sparco

Fire extinguishers for motor sport

Car extinguishers are safety devices used to extinguish fires in vehicles. They are particularly useful in motor sport, where fires can occur as a result of accidents or mechanical failures.

There are two types of car extinguishers: manual and automatic. Manual extinguishers are operator-activated and require human intervention to operate. They are typically used in racing vehicles and must be handled with care to avoid damage or injury.

Sprinklers, on the other hand, are activated autonomously when a fire is detected. They are usually installed in racing vehicles and are designed to be activated automatically in the event of a fire. They are particularly useful in situations where the operator is unable to react quickly or is unconscious.

How do I fix a car extinguisher?

The best location for your car extinguisher is one that is easily and quickly accessible. Indeed, in a panic, every second you lose makes the fire worse. This is why placing the extinguisher in front of the passenger seat under the co-driver's feet seems to be a wise choice for rallying, for example. Accessories are available on Oreca Store to attach your extinguisher in the extinguisher accessories section.

Which extinguisher for my vehicle?

2 tips, starting with the most important one: choose an approved car extinguisher, i.e. NF and CE certified. Also, EN3 and PED 97/23/EC certification are required to buy quality equipment. In addition, choose a car extinguisher with a mass that is adapted to your physical strength; an extinguisher that is too heavy will be more difficult to handle than a lighter one.

Rally and competition fire extinguisher at the best price

Oreca Store offers FIA fire extinguishers at the best value for money, with expertise and customer care that has been proven over decades. Our experience allows us to guide and inform you in your purchase.

The range of fire extinguishers on the Oreca Store site is wide and offers all the products and accessories you could possibly need at the best price, whether it's the cheapest utility fire extinguisher or the ultra high-performance fire extinguishers approved by the FIA, a compulsory mark on your competition equipment in order to comply with safety regulations. Buying from Oreca is the guarantee of a homologation in accordance with your competition universe.