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Measure the pressure of the different organs of your car during your car races with a large choice of pressure gauges for dashboard. Find different fuel, oil, turbo and water pressure gauges to keep an eye on the health of your race car engine. Some pressure gauges have a white LED light to ensure a perfect reading day or night.

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Sale of pressure, water, oil and fuel gauges

Gauges to sense and indicate the water, oil, turbo and fuel pressure of your race car. All the gauges you need to understand your motorsport vehicle. Always keep an eye on your pressure gauges during a race! Our car pressure gauges are very reliable! Turbo pressure gauge kit for your car pressure. Find a turbo pressure gauge or an oil pressure gauge at a low price on our site specializing in accessories dedicated to motorsports! Check in real time the pressure of your turbo with one of the great brands specialized in the design of pressure gauges for vehicles! Measure the pressure of your fluids with mechanical, analog or electric pressure gauges with STACK, SMITHS !

How to install a turbo pressure gauge?

Installing a pressure gauge on your dashboard requires following a detailed step by step tutorial as you can find on the Oreca Store blog on this link. You will know how to install and connect a pressure gauge while also knowing how to install the associated sensors or probes.

Where to buy a pressure gauge for your car at the best price?

  You can find the best pressure gauges at the best price on your Oreca Store website. You can also take advantage of exclusive offers by subscribing to our newsletter so that you don't miss out on our promotional codes and tutorials to help you fit your car parts. The Oreca Store selects the best products from the major brands REDSPEC, SMITHS, SPA DESIGN, STACK. Ordering on Oreca Store is the assurance of a quality customer service and a delivery without worry.

Car racing: the interest of pressure gauges

Every detail counts in a car race. All the components of the car must be optimal in order for the driver to perform at his best. In this case, the engine components must be carefully evaluated. That's why at Oreca Store we provide you with quality pressure gauges to measure oil, turbo and fuel pressure. Car racing drivers know how important it is to have real-time information on the condition of their cars. Gauges are safety and precision tools that help you make the right decisions at the right time. Different gauges are designed to measure :

  • tire pressure
  • oil pressure
  • the pressure of the turbo
  • fuel pressure
  • the oil temperature
  • the temperature of the cooling water
  • the temperature of the exhaust gas
  • the voltage or amperage of the battery

There are three types of manometers: mechanical manometers, analog manometers and electric manometers. The composition and operation of the manometer depends on its type. For example, the mechanical model has a housing, drone diaphragms, tubes, arrows and a fitting. It is powered by electricity (except for the backlight). Analog manometers usually have a digital microprocessor with a needle movement motor. The digital manometer, on the other hand, is a very high precision gauge tool. Composed of a backlit screen, it gives the measured value down to hundredths.

Whatever the type, the different gauges allow the driver to have key information about his car during the race. For example, with an engine temperature gauge, you will be warned if the engine coolant is overheating through a red light. The use of this device is essential on any modified car subjected to high activity. It is therefore highly recommended to install an engine temperature gauge on a vehicle before it is entered into a race. This tool is available at Oreca Store in various models.

The operation of oil pressure gauges

In a car engine, the oil pressure plays a role in lubricating the bearings of the rod shaft, balance shaft, etc. When it is optimal, the engine functions normally and does not overheat. As a result, wear and tear on engine parts is limited. If you install a mechanical pressure gauge, it will use a spring affected by the oil pressure.

The bulb, which is a coiled tube, attaches to the outer shell of the oil pressure gauge and to the linkage below the needle. Oil is then introduced into the bulb under pressure via a feed tube which causes the bulb to straighten. The pressure causes the needle on the dashboard to move, showing the oil pressure level in the engine. At Oreca store, you will find a wide variety of pressure gauges of different types and renowned brands.

You can, for example, choose a :

  • STACK mechanical oil pressure gauge with 270° scale and white LED backlight
  • STACK Pro Control analogue oil pressure gauge with digital microprocessor and high precision needle movement motor
  • pressure gauge SMITH Flight electric oil pressure gauge for installation

Many other models from different brands are also available.

The role of the turbo pressure gauge on a race car

If you are planning to do motorsport, you need to resort to increasing the turbo pressure of your vehicle. The turbo pressure gauge has a prominent place in this operation. The instrument will allow you to know the modified value in order to control the increase. As an indication, to increase the turbo pressure, a flexible nylon hose should be connected to the intake pressure.

Be sure to direct it into the passenger compartment of the vehicle through the half-open window. Finally, the turbo pressure gauge must be connected to the hose. At Oreca Store, we offer mechanical, analogue and electric turbo pressure gauges from STACK, VDO, SPA DESIGN, REDSPEC...

Fuel pressure gauges

For a car race, you will necessarily need to install a fuel pressure gauge to check the engine's fuel supply. This gauge is identical to the oil pressure gauge. However, the pressure it measures is lower than the oil pressure and is transmitted to the dashboard via an electrical circuit.

By knowing the fuel pressure at the fuel inlet, you can detect, during the race, a pipe rupture, a fuel pump failure, etc. Highly accurate tools, the fuel pressure gauges available at Oreca Store are delivered with a transmitter.