Hoses and fittings for petrol and oil

Sale of male and female fittings for petrol and oil hoses. You will also find reinforced hoses of different diameters for petrol and oil. Quality spare parts to safely connect the various components of your sports car. To optimize the passage of oil and gasoline these engine tubes have been selected by our teams so that you have the best choice!

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Internal diameter  
  1. 5,56 mm
  2. 8,71 mm
  3. 11,13 mm
  4. 14,29 mm
  5. 17,46 mm
  6. 22,23 mm
  1. 45
  2. 6.35 mm
  3. 8 mm
  4. 9.52 mm
  5. 9.53 mm
  6. 10 mm
  7. 11,17 mm
  8. 12.7 mm
  9. 14,22 mm
  10. 15.5 mm
  11. 15.8 mm
  12. 15.88 mm
  13. 17,02 mm
  14. 19.05 mm
  15. 20,83 mm
  16. 24,38 mm
  17. 25.4 mm
  18. 29,21 mm
  1. 1 m
  2. 5 m
  3. 10 m
  1. 3/4x16UNF
  2. 1230
  3. 7/8x14 pouces
  4. 30x150
  5. 26x150
  6. 7/16x20UNF
  7. Chrome
  8. 1197
  9. 14x150
  10. 1p 5/16x12UNF
  11. 1p 1/16x12UNF
  12. 9/16x18UNF
  13. 7/8x14UNF
  14. 12x150
  15. 16x150
  16. 11/16x12UNF
  17. 5W40
  1. 7/8x14UNF
  2. 3/4x16UNF
  3. 1p 1/16x12UNF
  4. 9/16x18UNF

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Oil and fuel hoses for rally or circuit sports cars

To repair or optimize the performance of your car's engine, find our hoses and fittings at the best price. Spare parts for your racing cars are on sale with major brands for motorsport. We have selected for you high quality products so that you can equip yourself in the best conditions.

The different types of hoses

In motor sport, it is important to equip your vehicle with good quality parts to avoid leaks, breakage or failure. Hoses are no exception to this principle and it is essential to fit your various circuits with resistant hoses adapted to your racing practice in order to correctly convey fuel and oil to the engine.

There are several types of hoses, to be positioned differently according to their use. Among our selection of the best hoses, you will find male couplings, female couplings, aluminium or silicone hoses, flexible hoses, elbow or straight couplings... Choose the model that best suits your use.

The best brands of fuel and oil hoses and fittings

Find on Oreca Store the best brands with the best prices and a quality service. For circuit or rally our brands offer all the parts for your competition car. You can choose between ATL, Goodridge, Newton, Staubli and Wurth which are all historical brands recognised and approved in motor sport.

What fuels are the hoses compatible with?

Most of the hoses offered for sale on ORECA Store are compatible with the whole range of fuels. However, some hoses such as some ATL models are not compatible with the use of E85 ethanol. Please check the product sheets of the parts you are considering to confirm their compatibility with your vehicle and its use.

Reinforced hoses for extreme conditions

When your car is subjected to high stresses, as is often the case in motorsport, it is useful to have reinforced hoses. These hoses, such as the Xtrem Motorsport reinforced silicone hoses, are capable of withstanding very low or very high temperatures and are extremely reliable and durable.

How to clean an oil hose?

Several solutions exist to clean your hoses such as a spray of brake cleaner which is very effective, lye, a little soda crystals and hot water with a brush also works very well.