Brake pads and brake discs

Large choice of specific brake parts for motorsport. Don't neglect the quality of your motorsport brakes, Oreca-Store has selected for you the best brakes for motorsport or sports cars. Yellowstuff EBC Brakes pads, Big Brake kits, AP Racing, Ferodo or Castrol brake fluid, aviation hoses... Our different braking ranges are available for many makes and models of cars.

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  1. RC8
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  4. RC6
  5. RC5+
  1. 23,8 mm
  2. 7/10 pouces
  3. 8 mm
  4. 10 mm
  5. 11.2 mm
  6. 12 mm
  7. 13 mm
  8. 14 mm
  9. 15 mm
  10. 15.9 mm
  11. 15.87 mm
  12. 16 mm
  13. 16.8 mm
  14. 17.78 mm
  15. 17.8 mm
  16. 18 mm
  17. 19 mm
  18. 19.05 mm
  19. 19.1 mm
  20. 20.6 mm
  21. 22 mm
  22. 22.2 mm
  23. 23.8 mm
  24. 25 mm
  25. 25.4 mm
  26. 26 mm
  27. 27 mm
  28. 28.6 mm
  29. 31.8 mm
  30. 32 mm
  31. 34 mm
  32. 34.9 mm
  33. 35 mm
  34. 36 mm
  35. 38 mm
  36. 38.10 mm
  37. 40 mm
  38. 41.3 mm
  39. 44 mm
  40. 44.5 mm
  41. 45 mm
  42. 50,8 mm
  43. 51 mm
  44. 57 mm
  45. 60 mm
  46. 63 mm
  47. 65 mm
  48. 70 mm
  49. 76 mm
  50. 80 mm
  51. 82 mm
  52. 90 mm
  53. 100 mm
  54. 102 mm
  55. 108 mm
  56. 110 mm
  57. 114 mm
  58. 120 mm
  59. 127 mm
  60. 140 mm
  61. 150 mm
  62. 152 mm
  63. 160 mm
  64. 178 mm
  65. 203 mm
  66. 240 mm
  67. 260 mm
  68. 264 mm
  69. 280 mm
  70. 286 mm
  71. 295 mm
  72. 300 mm
  73. 304 mm
  74. 310 mm
  75. 315 mm
  76. 320 mm
  77. 330 mm
  78. 340 mm
  79. 355 mm
  80. 356 mm
  81. 362 mm
  82. 378 mm
  83. 3/4 inches
  84. 5/8 inches
  1. Stemless
  2. 80 mm
  3. 115 mm
  4. 160 mm
  5. 305 mm
  6. 609 mm
  7. 1828 mm
  1. 3/4x16UNF
  2. 30x150
  3. 7/16x20UNF
  4. 10x125
  5. 3/8x24UNF
  6. 7/16x24UNF
  7. 6x100
  8. 14x125
  9. 12x100
  10. 26x150
  11. 1/4BSP
  12. 1/4-18NPTF
  13. 1/4x28UNF
  14. 8x125
  15. 1/8BSP
  16. 7/16UNF
  17. 12x125
  18. 8x100
  19. 7x100
  20. 7/8x14 pouces
  21. 3/8UNF
  22. Chrome
  23. 3/8x24 inches
  24. M8x125
  25. 14x150
  26. 10x100
  27. 22x150
  28. 18x150
  29. 16x150
  30. 1/8-27NPTF
  31. 12x150
  32. 10x150
  33. Without
  34. 5/16
  35. 20x150
  36. 7/8x14UNF
  37. 9/16x18UNF
  38. 1p 1/16x12UNF
  39. 1p 5/16x12UNF
  40. 1/2x20UNF
  41. 1197
  42. 1230
  43. 11/16x12UNF
  44. 5W40

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Sale of brake pads, calipers and discs

Large choice of brake discs and pads at low prices on Oreca-Store : Ferodo, Pagid, Carbone Lorraine, Goodridge, Girling. Everything for car braking ! Sale of brake pads and discs for sports cars and competition vehicles.

Today's cars carry a range of complex components that perform specific roles. They ensure the performance as well as the roadworthiness of a vehicle. While the engine is crucial, the braking system is also very important to ensure good performance on the road and track.

The braking system and how it works

The braking system has a very specific task: to reduce the speed of a car until it comes to a complete stop. It works by using the principle of friction between different parts and by using various mechanisms.

To activate your brakes, you must depress the brake pedal, creating hydraulic pressure in the braking system. The amount of pressure applied to the brake pedal determines the braking force of the car.

However, the use of brakes varies from vehicle to vehicle. It is not the same on standard vehicles, sports cars or racing cars. Sports cars require more consistent braking at full speed, which wears out the parts.

The sale of spare parts for sports braking and car racing braking

Are you a motor sport enthusiast? Do you take part in car competitions as a professional or amateur? It is more than essential to carefully select the parts of your braking system, which guarantees your safety.

ORECA Store offers you a large choice of spare parts for the creation of a sport braking system adapted to your needs in terms of sport braking. Our team of specialists in the sale of car parts offers components dedicated to the braking systems used during your automobile events.

They are suitable for any type of sports vehicle and any driving style. The quality of these brakes will ensure that your brakes are in perfect condition. You'll be able to slow down more efficiently on the track for better performance. Better still, you'll be able to master tight corners more easily.

The different types of parts for sports car braking systems

There are several kinds of parts that make up the braking system of your car. Each one has its own specificities and function to contribute to its stopping or slowing down.

Brake pads

In racing, brake pads provide increased braking power. However, when driving on the racetrack, they are subject to brutal stresses and high temperatures. It is therefore worthwhile to replace them quite frequently by choosing quality brake pads.

At ORECA Store, you will find parts that have proven themselves. You can upgrade your car with a Ferodo DS3000 or DS2500, a PAGID RS19, RS29 or RS4 or a CL Brakes RC8, RC6 or RC5.

The brake disc

The brake disc is a braking system in its own right. It groups together various components useful for braking, namely the pads held in the calipers. Its role is to ensure the progressive slowing down of the wheels, thus allowing great braking power and better control.

ORECA Store offers you brake discs adapted to your needs in terms of sport driving or during competitions. From drilled grooved discs to Gr N discs, you will find several brand references in our catalogue. Amongst others, we mention EBC Brakes, Renault Sport (R.S.) Performance and RedSpec.

The flexible brake kit

Brake hoses contribute to the efficiency and safety of vehicle braking systems. They ensure the transmission of brake pedal forces and connect the lines to the calipers.

For the best performance in competition, it is important to choose the right brake hoses. ORECA Store offers you its range of brake hose kits resistant to wear and tear and to shocks. They are assembled and ready to fit on your car.

Brake calipers

These are the hydraulic components that house the brake pads. They ensure the braking endurance of a car. The calipers must also be adapted for sport braking to avoid premature wear when driving.

You will find at ORECA Store a selection of high performance brake calipers from AP and NC Racing. They are perfectly adapted to motor racing.

Big brake kits

These braking elements are inseparable components of the calipers. They must be perfectly adapted to them, but also to the rims. If you are looking for big brake kits for your 4 or 6 piston calipers, you can find what you are looking for at ORECA Store. Our online car shop offers you its catalogue of AP Racing car parts.

Brake fluids and bleeders

Brake fluid is the most important part of your braking system. It ensures that all the parts function properly. The use of worn fluid can lead to premature leaks and a lack of lubrication in the system. It is therefore recommended that the fluid be drained every 2 years using a drainer. You will find each of these elements at ORECA Store to guarantee the performance of your sports car.

Master cylinders and brake controls

This is the main control of the braking system. It ensures the operation of all the other parts by sending brake fluid to the calipers via the hydraulic circuit.

For your competition and sports cars, ORECA Store offers several references of master cylinders with or without a bowl. We mention in particular the brands RedSpec, Girling and AP Racing. You will also find in our catalogue several models of brake controls including :

  • pedals
  • handbrakes
  • dispatchers
  • pressure limiters

Brake cooling scoops

These elements are essential for the cooling of a braking system, a car's interior and an air filter. By maximising the air flow, they allow for optimal braking in competition. At ORECA Store, the Revotec range of cooling scoops are appreciated for their performance, their strength and their lightness.

Brake accessories

The installation of a sports braking system requires various accessories. They make the operation easier and contribute to the maintenance of the system. You can use them for the maintenance of brake pads or discs. Brake cleaners, sprays, piston replacers... These are some of the racing accessories you will find at ORECA Store.