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The entire radio link for motor sport is available on the online shop. Discover our Turn One link headsets, a novelty offering excellent sound insulation and optimal comfort to buy at a low price! These helmets are compatible with Stilo driver helmets. You will also find Stilo link helmets which offer a unique technology allowing you to communicate directly by phone.

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Intercoms for rally and circuit motor races. Buy your driver, co-driver and stand intercom equipment at the best price around from the biggest brands: Motorola, Peltor, Sparco, Stilo and Terratrip.

Sale of radio headsets

Radio links for motor racing, rally and circuit for communication in motor sport. To buy at the best price your driver/co-driver/stand radio link helmet with the biggest brands: Peltor, Sparco, Stilo, OMP, Turn One and Terratrip go to the online shop specialising in the sale of motor sport equipment, Buy your Peltor intercom, made in collaboration with the greatest rally teams, at ORECA Store.

In motor sport, and particularly in rallying, good communication between the driver and co-driver is essential. Likewise, the radio link is essential to be able to communicate with the car stand. Indeed, the slightest communication problem can affect the driver's decisions and can lead to a driving error. It is therefore important to use quality equipment to prevent misunderstanding when transmitting vital information.

The radio

To ensure smooth communication between all team members, emphasis will be placed on the choice of equipment including radio. The box is simply mounted on the roll bar or on the dashboard. Its operation is just as simple, as you will usually only find a few control buttons: for switching on and for adjusting the volume. As far as the power supply is concerned, the radio runs on a PP3 battery or is connected to the vehicle's 12V battery. It is therefore preferable to use radios that come with an integrated cable for better reliability. Brands such as Stilo with its famous stilo wrc radio, Sparco or Terratrip are renowned for the quality of their products, including link radios.

Headsets for radio links

Radio link helmets facilitate communication between the pilot and co-pilot. This equipment is also required to communicate with the rest of the team. For many models, the "full duplex" communication system is standard for professional-quality sound. Exchanges are fluid, just like a normal telephone conversation. What's more, the driver no longer needs to press a button to speak.

It should be noted that radio link helmets, also known as rally radio helmets, incorporate a device to reduce ambient noise, which helps to optimise the driver's concentration.

Microphone kit, earphones for full face-to-face headphones

As the pilot and co-pilot are required to wear a full-face helmet, the microphone and headset kit is better suited to ensure smooth communication. The special helmet microphone is easy to attach, as are the dedicated earphones. It should be noted that a communication device that takes up too much space may hinder the driver's movements, which is why the headset and microphone kit is generally used for communication in motor sport.

Noise cancelling headphones

Hearing protectors can also be very useful, especially for assistance and for children with extremely sensitive hearing. Indeed, the human ear is made so that the threshold for hearing discomfort is around 90 decibels, while the threshold for hearing pain is 115 decibels. During a rally or a circuit race, noise frequently rises to over 95 decibels. Hearing protection is therefore recommended to effectively attenuate sounds that are harmful to your hearing, without blocking out other ambient noise.

Noise cancelling headphones are also required at the car stand.

Radio link accessories

In addition to the radio, stand headphones, microphones and earphones, it is important to choose quality radio link accessories. These small items of equipment help to make communication between the driver, co-driver and the rest of the team more fluid. Oreca Store has therefore selected the best radio link equipment, including connection adapters, extension cables, connection foam and connection cords. These connection accessories are also required to improve the radio system or to replace defective or damaged parts.

Count on the connection adapter, which is an adapter cord that allows you to connect a headset with a radio. The connection adapter is used to connect the headset to the intercom. Thanks to this extension, the length of the cable between the helmet and the radio is much longer, giving the pilot and co-pilot a great deal of freedom of movement. It should be noted that the quality of the cable is essential, as this accessory ensures that the sound quality is not lost. As for the length, it varies according to the needs of its users.

In the accessory department for radio links, you will also find hygiene kits for connection helmets. The package includes, among other things, damping foams for filtering out harmful noises as well as sealing rings.

How to optimise communication between the pilot and co-pilot?

In order to ensure that the exchange of instructions between the driver and co-driver goes smoothly, it is essential to give priority to quality radio equipment. Next, a relationship of trust must be established between the two individuals, as training and competitions progress. The role of the co-driver is just as important as that of the driver, because the outcome of the race will depend on his instructions. The co-driver must therefore guide the driver by giving precise instructions, summarised in just two passages. In other words, there is no need to formulate long sentences. To do this, the co-driver uses a specific note system that allows him to give precise instructions without wasting time.

Small motor sports lexicon

To communicate with each other, motor sport experts use a specific lexicon. Moreover, the term "intercom" refers to the communication device used by the driver and co-driver in motor rallying. The system thus makes it possible to exchange information without having to shout. What's more, when a driver "attacks", he gives his all, even if it means exceeding his own limits as well as those of his vehicle.

Flags play an essential role in motor sport. These means of communication are used to signal a danger, an oil puddle or an exclusion. The driver and co-driver take the signals into account and adapt their driving style accordingly. It should be remembered that failure to respect the flags is punished.

As far as the term "lollypop" is concerned, it refers to the sign that is presented to the driver in the pits when he stops for refuelling. The lollypop thus indicates when to pass first and when to leave.

When the co-pilot indicates "Long right/left", it means that the driver should be prepared to take a relatively long turn. Because of its relatively small angle, this turn does not present any particular danger.

As for the "NOS" or Nitrous Oxyde System, this device makes it possible to increase the power of a motor temporarily.