Mechanic's suits

To protect themselves during their working hours, mechanics need to wear a suitable suit that will not only protect their clothing but also prevent burns or problems with additives or metal debris, for example. Mechanic suits are directly inspired by pilot suits. No more unsightly overalls! These suits are made of a fabric that is resistant to stains and repeated washing.

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Sale of mechanics' suits

Sale of overalls to protect motor sport mechanics. Find all the mechanics suits at low prices on, the motorsport shop. We offer protective suits for mechanics at all prices! The brands Turn One, OMP and Sparco think of the mechanics; it is essential that they are protected from possible burns or liquid projections!

Sale of mechanic's overalls

Sale of mechanics' equipment for motor sport. Find all the mechanics overalls at low prices on, the motorsport shop. Sparco mechanic overalls are available in several colours and have pockets on the front and on the side to put your tools. Made of high quality fabric, they are very resistant to all types of aggression and stains.

The mechanics' overalls are the ideal outfit to wear in any season! Like a suit, it will protect you from various external aggressions: burns, oil stains, injuries when you go under the car and will allow you to keep your tools close by with the various pockets that make it up. The plus: you can choose to wear a simple t-shirt or a thicker jumper underneath depending on the season!

Like most professionals in the building trades, mechanics and garage workers need to have work clothes that are suitable for their daily routine. The suits and clothing used in the workshop are designed to protect the various parts of the body against dirt and minor aggressions. Find out how important they are and some of the things to consider when choosing workwear for mechanics or for private individuals doing DIY in their garage.

Why choose mechanics' clothing?

If you are in the mechanical sector, you will be working mostly standing or in rather uncomfortable positions. In addition, you are confronted with the risk of burns, cuts or dirt from the workshop floor, which is often slippery due to the use of grease, oil and fuel.

As a garage owner and mechanic, you can choose from a wide selection of garments specially designed for your sector. They provide optimum protection for the whole body and make it easier to do your job.

Adopted by many professionals, coveralls and overalls offer complete protection. With this type of clothing, a single garment protects both your legs and your chest.

You can also decide to opt for a pair of mechanic's trousers which you can combine with a sleeveless waistcoat for example. You can choose from a wide range of professional quality work trousers selected for their robustness. They provide you with all the comfort you need to move around, as well as being functional. Mechanic's trousers are equipped with several storage pockets to keep your tools close at hand and sometimes with knee protectors. Trousers with knee pockets are comfortable to wear and are equipped with protective plates that make it less uncomfortable to kneel down to check certain parts of a vehicle being repaired, for example.

We also offer mechanic T-shirts to be worn with trousers or overalls. To manage temperature changes in the workshop, jackets, sweatshirts, blouses and fleeces are also available.

It is important to remember that protective equipment for mechanics or garage workers does not stop at work clothes. You should consider a pair of mechanic's gloves that protect your hands while allowing you to grip parts, even if they are covered in oil. Safety shoes for mechanics are also essential in the workshop to protect you from falls on slippery floors and the risk of shocks or injuries of any kind.

Choosing the right workwear for mechanics

The mechanic works in sometimes difficult positions and in a very dirty environment. It is therefore ideal to choose professional clothing that is easy to wash. Dark-coloured clothing makes stains less visible and is therefore useful for maintaining a professional and presentable appearance.

You should also pay attention to the choice of materials by opting for clothes that will not wear out quickly. Whether it's a jumpsuit, overalls or trousers, your clothes should be comfortable, durable and functional.

At Oreca Store, we have selected for you the best brands of clothing for garages and mechanics. They will accompany you during your activity to guarantee your safety and provide you with more comfort at work.